An ongoing education…Farming/Ranching

Blogging…something I never wanted to do.  Or thought about doing. Or thought I had time for. Or thought anyone would have the slightest interest in reading.  So much for the negativity.  Dear Husband said, “You should start a blog.”  My first thought was…he’s just trying to get me out of his hair or what’s left of it.  Then I wondered if he wondered if I needed an outlet for mid-

Wheat Harvest 2011

age crisis moments..or perhaps, senior moments.  After several friends suggested blogging would be my cup of tea, I started thinking about the possibilities and like so many other folks out there in cyberland, decided I’d give it the old college try.  After all, I could always can it.  OK, that’s still a possibility but we’ll see what happens here.

Thing is, not many cyberworld peeps get this country life thing.  Or how food gets on their tables, day in, day out.  Do they really understand that raising a crop of wheat is a very complicated and scientific process.  Not that science and complicity necessarily make anything more wonderful because things tend to get messy when you combine the two.  But somewhere, somehow, the profession of agriculture got a bad rep.  We know the green folks out there accuse us of all sorts of crimes….poisoning the ground we farm, raping the land, stealing water, misusing water, and on and on.   Being the guardians and owners of said land, does it really make sense that we wouldn’t do any and everything humanly possible to protect that land?  To make sure that we leave it better than we found it?  To insure that our grandchildren will have usable farming ground so that they, if they so chose, can continue the oldest..ok maybe not oldest but darn close to oldest!….profession know to mankind.  Yep, it would really benefit us farmers to just whack the everlovin’ goodness out of the land that our fathers cleared generations ago.  And knock the whammy out of our water sources.  That would make really good common sense.  Kinda like spending days and days standing around whining about being broke and pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.  In my world, that’s where the Big Boss walks up to you and saysthat it’s going to be ok and surely the government will hand out something to you and says to pull yourself up, put on your big boy britches and get to working cause daylight’s burning.

So…I propose to help readers understand our world.  See how that corn casserole starts with one tiny, wrinkly kernel and morphs into something creamy, sweet and wonderful. Or how that hot, juicy hamburger just plopped on to a plate of crispy steak fries got its start.  I remember just how ignorant I was in the beginning, some 40 years ago.  Man, did I have a lot to learn! A hometowner tells us all about cowboys.  Thanks to Mike Trigg!!

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