You know Winter is here when:

The first thing you do in the morning is check the wood box to see if there’s enough wood to start a fire in the fireplace.

Decaf coffee is an everynight menu option!

Jackets hang on every available chair.

Big Boss smells awful when he comes in cause it’s “Poop Haulin’ ” time.  Again.

Mousetraps decorate all likely spots.  ugh!

Dead/dormant buffalo grass is bright green!  Yep, fall spraying is done!

Pantry has been inventoried and re-stocked, just in case stuff.

The tiny heater decorates the bathroom again.

You’re thankful for the remote truck startup button.

You wish with all your heart that the new truck had those fancy fanny warmers in the leather seats. Why o why did we not get those???!!!!!

Big Boss comes home from the farm at dark and it’s only 6.

And last but not least, you KNOW it’s official when you put the warm, cuddly flannel sheets on the bed. Holy smokes, those 600 count cotton sheets are COLD!

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2 Responses to You know Winter is here when:

  1. bccmee says:

    Here’s my New York City Slicker version of winter:

    You bang the radiator if it’s not generating enough heat.

    You walk 100 feet to the nearest shop for some hot drinks and company.

    Jackets hang on every available chair.

    You avoid the brown and yellow snow when the dog walkers are around.

    You never heard of buffalo grass.

    You order food delivery if the snow is too deep for your boots to walk the 100 feet to the shop.

    The heating pipe in the bathroom is deliciously hot to the touch.

    You’re thankful that the subways run underground and are unaffected by the snowfall.

    You wish the subway platform wasn’t 10 degrees colder than the outside but you’re thankful that the trains come along every 5 minutes.

    It’s dark at 6 PM and you can see the moon and almost see the stars.

    You push your bed against the radiator for warmth.


  2. The Queen says:

    ahhh, the city slicker speaks! I just canNOT imagine. But I’m not shocked that you don’t know what buffalo grass is. It’s a native grass here, altho folks plant it now…an improved hybrid version…because it’s very drought resistant, is hardy/tough, and doesn’t require much mowing.

    LOL on the colored snow. I hear ya!!


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