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Recipe Saturday-Soup’s On

Needing a good old Warm-Up-Your-Innards type of lunch/dinner/meal? Have I got a soup for YOU! It has a really original name: Cowboy Stew. It’s not really a stew and it’s definitely not just for cowboys, although they do seem to be … Continue reading

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Just one more?

Can you stand just ONE MORE music post?!  I have to.  Totally compelled to share this one.  Because?  It’s refreshing!  This uses one of the oldest musical instruments known to the world…bells. And it’s beautiful!  And amazing to watch SO … Continue reading

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Up the Tree w/o a ladder

I spent half of my life in a tree as a kid.  Whenever my Mother couldn’t find me in the house, she went to the front yard and there I was…hanging by my legs from a sturdy sycamore limb or … Continue reading

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Sitting by the Fire Songs

For the quiet of the night, a reflective song that’s not really Christmasy but wintry for sure. And if you’re REALLY bored, here’s link to the concert that Big Boss and I participated in a couple of weeks ago. It was … Continue reading

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My Favorite Chrismas Song

This is way at the top of Favorite Christmas music.  With thanks to Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma for sharing their stupendous talents with us common folks.  We give you “The Wexford Carol”. Christmas Blessings on this beautiful Christmas day.

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New Discoveries!

Get the feeling I’m going in circles?  Yeah, this is supposed to be Recipe Saturday and it will be just as soon as I get a few pics snapped.  In the meantime, I must share.  My mama is here and … Continue reading

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What Happened to Wednesday?!

Notable Wednesday slipped by and I never even noticed.  Until now.  The only excuse I can come up with is I had grocery shopping to do and it took all day.  Remember, we can’t just hop in the car and … Continue reading

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