Fall Chores

Note: the below was written a couple of weeks ago.  What can I say?  It got lost in the pile…

Today was fall chore day around these parts.  The weather was somewhat conducive to outside work…temps were in the mid 60’s with a light breeze.  Grandsons arrived promptly at 1 to:

1. Clean out the woodshed…yes, we have an actual woodshed!  However, it’s use has never been for corporal punishment.  It holds wood.  Thus the name “woodshed”. Well, during the summer months it holds lawn mowers, pots, gas cans, wayward bottles of weed killer and bug killer, gourds from 10 yrs ago that I just can’t seem to throw away.  Somebody slap me now.

2. Clean off the back porch…how do back porches get so mussed up?  Well, we do spend a lot time back there so spilled Bubbles abound along with sun screen, bug spray and 3 baskets full of leftover seeds, leftover gourds, leftover (and dried up bulbs that somehow never found a spot to bloom), a mountain of gloves, including my fav pair, a pair for rose bushes and 5 pairs of odds and ends.  Also potted plants, chair cushions and fold up chairs.  *pant pant*  Like I said, where does this stuff come from??!

3.  Sort through about 100 plant pots/containers…again, do they appear by magic?  Hmmmm.

4. Haul wood back into woodshed that we hauled OUT last spring that was hauled in last fall.  Do you see a pattern here?  More like a problem.  But NOTHING says “secure” to me like having a pile of wood in wood box and aforementioned wood shed.  *sigh and happy grin*!!!!

5.  And finally, rake more LEAVES!!  Mostly oak this time around which I distributed around my blueberry bushes cause they like ’em!  OK, the blackberries were jealous and I have them a good share too.  Have I mentioned how I love my leaves?

Two and a half hours later…Mission Accomplished!  Way to go guys!!!  You wouldn’t believe how much work 2 eight year olds, 2 ten year olds and a 4 yr old can put out in that amount of time.  These kids can WORK!  Yeah, farm kids working.  Not sure how much longer we’ll be able to teach them how to work tho.  Seems that some of our Washington DC folks think it’s a bad idea.  Really?  I am once more atstounded at the absurdity of Washington.  No we don’t misuse our child labor around here.  Not any more that our parents misused us 50 yrs ago.  What WERE they thinking making us pull weeds in the garden?  Pick peaches and pecans and pick up potatoes and shuck corn and pick beans…and that was just outside stuff.  Once inside, it was ironing and washing dishes and vacuming etc.  Where was Washington then I ask you?  Oh yeah.  Doing what they were supposed to be doing.  Legislating not regulating.  But somehow, fall chores gotta be done whether DC likes it or not.

Anyway, we ended the chores with big, fat slices of Butter Pecan Pound cake and Diet Dr. Peppers…diet cancels out the cake right?  And had a really good discussion in the kitchen about what happened at school last week, what we’re going to do Thanksgiving Day and where does all that junk come from anyway.  You know, the junk we cleaned out, hauled off and threw away.  It’s a mystery. Each kid got 2 quarters.  No, I’m not really that cheap.  They were the 90% silver kind NOT to be spent.  Feel better? 😉 And thus comes to mind their Paw’s advice, “Always leave the woodpile higher that you found it.”

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