Making do…Homemade Yogurt

A friend posted her latest adventure on FB linked to this:

REALLY??!  I’ve gotta go buy all that stuff?  OR…. use my candy thermometer instead of buying a digital thingy, use 2 qts. plain old heated milk poured into clean pint canning jars, cool to 115 degrees, whisk in 1 T of plain yogurt per quart of milk, put lids on,  set into large pan of 117 degree water, cover w/lid, wrap in a down filled coat/quilt and set by fireplace overnight or at least 4 hrs.  Voila!!  No buying all that extra equipment or fancy goat milk…I have NO idea where I’d get that anyway.  Wait!  One of my neighbors used to have goats.  Reckon I can talk her out of a couple of quarts of that valuable stuff??!! Nah.  I’ve even used powdered milk.  Making do.


Yeah, I’ve made yogurt.  Back when middle son had mono in the second grade, I did EVERYTHING possible to help the kid get well.  He was one sick little dude. So he got homemade yogurt, homegrown wheat cereal ground up specially for him with added wheat germ (store-bought), pecans (homegrown) and honey (also homegrown!!).  I learned to grow sprouts which are jam-packed w/all sorts of good stuff.  I sent his lunches to school each day after he was well enough to go to school..(he missed about 2 weeks.  Poor guy could hardly lift his head and could NOT tolerate any kind of light for days on end.)  Bottom line was: I could’ve made a fortune with those school lunches.  Every kid in the lunchroom was begging for his lunches of homemade wheat bread w/homemade home-raised beef topped w/homemade sprouts, banana (not homegrown!) and also not homemade juice.  He recovered in due time.  And I rested.  A lot.

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2 Responses to Making do…Homemade Yogurt

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    I love this crockpot recipe for homemade yogurt, in case you’re interested. I normally thicken it like she says in the note at the bottom…it’s delish!


  2. The Queen says:

    Wow, thanks jazz! Hadn’t thought of a crockpot. And that’s something just about everyone has so it’s not something we have to run out and buy!!


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