If anyone is sane, please raise your hand!

I give you "Farm Dust" aka The Bane of the World. See that "misty" looking stuff in the background hanging in the air? Yep. Just waiting to strangle you.

A couple of years ago, the Big Boss and I took a dream trip to Washington, D.C.  I spent hours on the internet checking out plane fares, hotels, schedules for this National park and that National monument and looking at maps. Lots of maps.  Somewhere during all of that plotting, the Big Boss, tells me we’re going to pay a visit to our State Senator.  Noooooo! I emphatically did NOT want to waste time in some politician’s office.  NO WAY!  Too bad said the BB (Big Boss), appointment was already made.  Sigh.  And this was supposed to be MY trip?!! 

Skip a few weeks, pages of long-winded tales and a whole lot of time.  We’re in the guy’s office after a long day….REALLY long day…of being smushed up in kazillions of people. ( It seems that during all my fantastic and meticulous research of DC, the part about that week being Cherry Blossom something or other did not register on my aging brain.  What that really meant was…be prepared to see and deal with more people than you’ll ever see in all  previous time and time to come.  Sheesh. What was I thinking?) Where was I?   Office. Senator.  Oh yeah.  So, BB is voicing some concerns of us farmers/ranchers and Senator Whozit starts a tale about a bill that has been introduced, never made it to the Senate floor a while back.  One that forbids farmers from stirring up dust.  Yeah, you heard me right.  They don’t want us making dirt fly around.  How the heck a farmer can plant actual seeds in actual dirt with real tractors WITHOUT dust flying is a huge mystery!!!!!!  So Senator Whozit tells us that yep it’s real and some wingnuts who have never even seen a tractor much less knows ANYTHING about them has decided it’s just not good to have dust.  OK.  Sure glad they didn’t make making dust illegal back in the ’30s.  Wind blows.  Dirt flies.  Can’t stop it. Why try?

Yeah I’m on a rant. Senator Whozit said that although the Anti-Dust folks didn’t succeed the first time, they’ll try again.  Their solution to dust is for those of us out here in Fly Over Land to get out our water trucks, fill ’em up…with water…and then spread that water all over our dirt roads.  And that’ll fix it.  No more dust.  Of course you’d have to spread that water several times a day.  And it would take lots and lots and lots of water, of which we have a VERY limited supply, and then lots and lots of gasoline to run those trucks.  And hours and hours of doing something that is totally STUPID.  I kid you not.  This is real.

Bottom line is why would they even try to do this?  Ahh, but that’s a whole nuther post isn’t it?  Good news is, this week, a bill passed in the House that bans regulations pertaining to the EPA and their ilk trying to get rid of farm dust.  (That’s the simplified version. If there’s such a thing in DC.)  So it turns out, Senator Whozit was NOT kidding us.  What I thought was surely a joke, is not.  Which then means that most everything our government is a joke?  I’ll let you decide.  I refer you to:  http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/198217-farm-dust-bill-approved-in-house.

Thing is, now the Demo’s are screaming that the Repubs are wasting time with bills like this.  Silly GOP’s are over-reacting.  Again.  To try to ban more government regulations? How silly.  They would NEVER dump more regs on us farmers.  And besides, how goofy would it be to waste time. In DC.  With politicians at the helm. *hand waving madly in the thin air*

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3 Responses to If anyone is sane, please raise your hand!

  1. Teuchter says:

    It must be a universal thing that we find many Government decisions that leave you with that, “WHAAAAT?? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!” type of reaction. At times it makes you wonder if they have any common sense at all! I experienced it while working for a Federal Government department that must remain unnamed of course, that decisions were made by folk who had NEVER worked in the department and clearly hadn’t a clue what it was all about or what the repercussions of their decisions would or could be! Kudos to the “Big Boss” for meeting your Senator face to face!! It’s a pity more people didn’t do that. They might have a far better idea how crucial the work of a farmer is if they did, and wouldn’t come up with such ludicrous notions! Don’t they realize that both of our countries, and probably many more besides, would be in dire straights without them and simply wouldn’t survive?


  2. prue batten says:

    Deb, farmers here are now using minimum tillage or sod-seeding in order not to disturb the soil … but its more an ecological thing than to stop the dust. Mind you, when you think on it, we do lose our best topsoil in a dust storm.
    But there’s no anti-dust legislation here… this is Australia, where dust and lack of water go hand-in-hand!
    Whoever said politicians, or pollies as we call them, were ever sane, sensible or realistic, let alone truthful, honourable and any other chivalrous term that comes to mind.

    Love your blog! it’s great!


    • NovemberBride says:

      Actually, our farm was one of the first to use the no-till and/or strip tilling. The no till is the least intrusive but is used only for certain crops at certain times of the year. After watching their top soil blow away in the dirty ’30s, farmers here and nationwide came up with all sorts of ways to save that precious topsoil. The ultimate goal of our eco crazies is to force us to wet down the ground as we drive on roads or fields. Or whatever other idiotic eco method they can dream up. And they will. They always do because there’s a lot of money in it. The worst of it all is that most of their “solutions” involve water, of which we have limited use of. And that’s their next hit. Water. A whole nuther post.


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