Toy Liberation

What I did this morning!

I have sorted, researched, cleaned, sanitized, dried, packaged 54 (but is seems more like 1,000!) so far…pieces of Fisher Price Little People VINTAGE sets. Did you know that there are camper sets, pop-up camper sets, castle sets, farm sets, school sets, little town sets, airports, construction sets, bus sets, A-line house sets, playhouse sets, snowmobile sets, little cottage sets, houseboat sets, nursery school sets, circus train, western towns, mini bus, ferris wheel…and those are just the ones I know about. 

But the thing is, our grands LOVE Little People.  Especially the old ones.  A few survived our boys and reside in the toy box by the front door.  They had the barn but it disappeared at some point.  When the twins were little guys, I decided I’d try to find a barn set.  Hmmmm, where to look tho.  I KNOW!  Ebay!!  The rest is history.  The barn is THE first toy drug out of the closet when any of the grands arrive.  Doesn’t matter what age the kid is, they still love these toys.  Then their great-grandma gave me the FP Airplane…that’s all.  No other pieces.  And these kids went wild over it.  So then, one day last summer, I was cruising eBay because I was bored I wanted more toys.  I found the camper set.  Oh my gosh!  They really loved this set!!  That’s when I decided that’s what they’re getting for Christmas.  Used toys?? you might ask.  Yep.  By the time I’m done sanitizing them, they could reside in a surgical room. 
 At this point I have the camper set, the pop-up camper, the airport, the barn and assorted little people stuff, which is not necessarily easy to decipher what goes to which set!  Two boxes are now sorted into sets and wrapped.  And hidden.  Working on the castle now.  Those dudes are going for a niiiiice price.  The castle may have to wait until AFTER Christmas.  Maybe they won’t go for so much then.  Maybe.
So the question I have for you is…what Fisher Price Little People and their accessories are lurking in your basement/attic?  Or maybe buried in a sand box,  long, long forgotten.  I say rescue them.  Liberation is coming their way. (thinking of Les Miz now?) And probably a bath.  Do I need to say I love Little People? 
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2 Responses to Toy Liberation

  1. servetus says:

    We have a lot of these that need to liberated too. We had the farmhouse and the schoolbus for sure …


    • The Queen says:

      In breaking news…UPS just delivered more. I think I’m glad. Have the Little People and accessories washed up and drying. Castle is next. It’s maybe my favorite but is missing its knight. His horse is present and accounted for. Rats. I was going to name him Sir Guy.


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