What Happened to Wednesday?!

Notable Wednesday slipped by and I never even noticed.  Until now.  The only excuse I can come up with is I had grocery shopping to do and it took all day.  Remember, we can’t just hop in the car and make a quick run to the grocery store here.  It’s an all day affair!

The song I give you today is one I discovered last year.  I was doing a search on “Suo Gan” which was the theme song for the movie, “Empire of the Sun”.  Remember that?  Christian Bale is shown singing (but it wasn’t him singing really) at the beginning and the end of the movie.  That song really caught my attention!  It’s an old old Scottish lullaby and is often heard during the Christmas season.  Anyway, I was looking for a good version of that song, which I did and it appeared in an album that also included today’s Notable song.

Here’s the background on the song.  British composer, Michael Head, wrote “Star Candles” in 1942.   The lyrics were written by Margaret Rose, who worked with Head on at least one other song.  Head spent WWII in South Africa and thus “Star Candles”.  In South Africa, the constellation of the Southern Cross is called Star Candles Based on the tradition that a gift was given to the Christ Child from each of the five pointers of the Southern Cross or Star Candles.  I’ll let the song tell the story:

Star Candles — Michael Head

The sun’s in his cradle,
The bird’s in her nest,
The Shepherds are calling
The lambs home to rest.
Go, sleep little Jesus!
The wind’s riding by
To set all the candles
Alight in the sky.

A candle for Kingship,
Sweet laughter it brings
And mirth’s golden music,
The riches of Kings.
Go sleep little Jesus!
The wind’s riding by
To set all the candles
Alight in the sky

But oh! in the skytop
Up there I can see
A cross, it’s shining,
It’s shining on thee,
Go sleep, little Jesus!
The wind’s riding by
To set all the candles
Alight in the sky.

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4 Responses to What Happened to Wednesday?!

  1. Marilyn says:

    How far to the grocery store is it?


  2. The Queen says:

    11 to the local Mom and Pop, 40 to WallyWorld, Hobby Lobby and Kroger/Dillons, 60 to the closest Target, Home Dept, Sam’s. I do a lot of business locally but most times, have to make at least a 40 trip to Dr., Rx, etc….But I can tell you one thing, I’d rather do that than big city shopping. I mean it’s fun 2 or 3 times a year but….


  3. Myna Copeland says:

    I think it might be fun to have Walmart about 12 miles away. That would be just right! By the way, that song is beautiful!


  4. The Queen says:

    If I was choosing, I’d wish for a Dillard’s to be 12 miles away!! Glad you enjoyed the music. I have more. Lots more!!! 😉


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