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A bit of Texas, please.

My mother called today saying that the rains they’re had in Central Texas the last few weeks has filled the tanks (that would be ponds here).  Best of all, the bluebonnets are UP!!!  Yay!  Last year’s crop was sad and the … Continue reading

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You Never Know

what you’ll find in my driveway!!!  You could find a Massey Ferguson 8670 or  a stinky silage truck…that’s the most probable.  Or a manure spreader might show up.  Not a pleasant smell there either.  Or maybe a stock trailer headed … Continue reading

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Tangent: The Day After

I’m creaking this morning.  Too much wedding celebrating?  Maybe.  But it was such a nice wedding!  And everything went off without a hitch and the bride and groom were dreams to work with!.  Well, maybe there was a hitch but … Continue reading

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A short “Recipe Saturday”

On my way out the door to finish up the wedding cake.  Today’s recipe is an old favorite.  After we moved up here, I discovered that these people don’t make cole slaw like we do in the South!  Thank goodness.  Never … Continue reading

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Snowflakes keep falling on my head

Update: finished product HERE Or rather on my kitchen countertop.  No I haven’t lost my mind, but am working on it.  I’m working on a snowflake theme wedding cake for this weekend.  Been making big snowflakes, medium size snowflakes and … Continue reading

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Farming Then, Farming Now

Continuing the “farm” theme, the first article was written about 1900 by Charles Chester Ruff, the patriarch of the family.  He was writing to the editor of his hometown  newspaper back in Pennsylvania, describing the farming conditions of western Kansas.  His letter … Continue reading

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Very Good Things

I just got in from walking out to the mailbox to see what goodies aka bills were inside.  And there really REALLY was a goodie.  Beyond a goodie. No, I didn’t win the Publishers House sweepstakes.  And they haven’t discovered … Continue reading

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Heads up people…the real truth comes out.

At long last.  This is what the Mayans were talking about.  Should’ve known it all along. Go here for the exact countdown…right column, scroll down a bit.

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Of boots and bovine manure

Bracing myself as Big Boss hasn’t hit the back door yet!  It’s poop hauling time around here and that means when he does hit the back door, he will smell bad.  Really bad.  Of skunk proportions!  He takes his boots … Continue reading

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Pickin’ with Mike on Sunday

Every summer…almost…I make a trek to Townsend, TN for ChristyFest.  (More on that in a future post.)  My first year was in 2002 and among the amazing things I saw and learned that trip, buying my first handmade dulcimer was … Continue reading

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