Veering into Recipe Saturday

Just in from driving 500 miles.  I really do have the next installment of the Trails thing but it’s Saturday and that means RECIPE ! So this may be the “Farm” Recipe Saturday so I would officially be legit and true to the 365 WordPress deal.  Right?  I know.  It’s a stretch.

This is the Biggie.  The One our hunters adore.  They also beg for the recipe.  I am not stingy so I share.  (Where’s my medal?)

Bread Pudding with WHISKEY SAUCE

 (there’s a story to go with the whiskey.  If I don’t get it done tonight, I’ll do it tomorrow?!) 

1-1 pound loaf French bread (not sandwich, not Italian, not the garlic and butter kind and don’t even think about using leftover bisquits.  Patooowey!  Ask me how I know.)

2 cups half and half (that’s half heavy cream and half milk)

2 cups milk

3 large eggs, lightly beaten

2 cups sugar

3/4 cup coarsely chopped pecans (I don’t measure this.  The more, the better in my book.)

1/2 cup raisins (or leave them out.  I mostly do. But if you have someone in the household who loves raisins, go for it.  Soak them for about 30 mins. in hot water, drain and dump them in.)

1 Tablespoon vanilla (the real stuff and a little more can’t hurt)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 stick melted butter

In a large bowl, tear up the bread.  There’s no fast way to do this and cutting it up just isn’t the same. ( No, I don’t know why!)  Stir together the half & half, milk, vanilla and eggs.  Pour over the bread and let soak for 30 mins, more or less.  Add the sugar, pecans, raisins and stir. Melt butter in a 9×13 ovenproof dish in 325 degree oven.  Remove from oven and pour the bread mixture in.  Bake for 55 minutes at 325 degrees.

Here comes the good part!

Whiskey Sauce

1/2 cup butter (NOT margarine!)

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup half  half (or straight cream for extra thick sauce)

2 Tablespoons whisky ( The preferred  selection here is Southern Comfort! The truth of the matter is, the guy in the liquor store suggested it.  I told him what I was making and he said, “Oooooooo.  I know just the thing!”  Cause, obviously, I didn’t!!!

Combine the butter, sugar and half & half in a saucepan.  Cook slowly over low heat, after a few mins. up it to medium heat and stir until sugar dissolves. Continue to cook until it reaches boiling, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 mins., stirring constantly. You don’t want this to scorch the bottom of the pan!.  Remove from heat and cool a bit.  Add whiskey.  Makes around 1 1/2 cups of sauce.

Serve this over the bread pudding.  Hot.  Or drink the sauce.  Whatever.  I would’ve made some and taken pics but heaven help me, all of this holiday eating has taken its toll.  And I can smell this a mile away and gain 10 pounds just doing that!!! 

I guarantee that if you’re trying to snare a man through his tummy, THIS will do it!  This is total and complete Comfort Food and is wonderful on a cold wintry night.  The bread pudding freezes well and the sauce can be refrigerated and reheated in the microwave.  It may seem a bit lumpy but just whisk it some and the texture will smooth out and even if it doesn’t, who cares?  It just melts into the bread pudding.  Holy cow,  I think I just gained 5 pounds writing this.

 Now I’m gonna proof this and hit the showers!  Those 500 miles get longer every year.  That’s another post…What to Do For 500 Miles.



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5 Responses to Veering into Recipe Saturday

  1. bccmee says:

    Or a man could make this recipe to get a woman. 😉


  2. The Queen says:

    Ootchiemama!! Now wouldn’t THAT be something?!!

    And you can thank me later…


  3. Brenda says:

    I am loving your blog………Thanks for sharing. Happy 2012


  4. The Queen says:

    Thanks for stopping by Brenda! Hope 2012 is good to you!


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