Sunday Singing with the kids

As a grandma, I have the legal right to brag.  OH NO, you’re thinking about right now and I don’t blame you. Us grannies can be a bit tedious and downright obnoxious.  I, however, am none of those things, right?!!!  Don’t answer that. 

 Point in case: the Sunday School kids (6 of whom are my grandchildren!) sang for the Special Music portion of the church service.  Our’s is a small church so the choir is US.  Each Sunday, a family is responsible for the special music that follows the Offertory.  Sometimes it may be the family’s favorite hymn that we sing as a congregation.  It can be a favorite Christian song on a CD, or maybe a poem.  Often, in our church, it is the children’s Sunday School class, belting out their pick of songs.  Today was exceptional.  Those little kids, all 10 of them, gave a toe tapping rendition of “Do Lord’ (my personal fav kid’s song).  Tiny Mollie took the cake, although all of the kids sang exceeding well!  She jigged and waved her hands in time with the music.  She grinned from ear to ear, obviously having the time of her life and sang like the Lord Himself was standing right there with her!  You just couldn’t help but grin with her and worship with her because what we saw this morning was the truest from of worship.  Surely G-d was smiling too!!!  The youngest, Kody, was even getting into it, singing the words intermittently with grins and deer-in-the-headlight looks. (Where’s my MOM???!)  They all received a rousing round of applause and those grins just spread out all over the congregation. 

Unfortunately, I had no camera/phone.  I know.  There goes my Meemaw of the Year award.  This is the closest I have to it…last year’s pic.

Christmas Program 2010 & no, we did not coordinate outfits! Red and black were IN!

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7 Responses to Sunday Singing with the kids

  1. servetus says:

    Look away beyond the blue.

    This is always one of the sweetest moments of any church service.


  2. The Queen says:

    blue, blue, blue, blue…which is what Mollie, Mallorie and Kody did in between each stanza and chorus AND at the very end…whether they were alone on it or not!!!


  3. Tammy says:

    Donna would have just loved this! Made my heart smile BIG! Mollie definitely entertained us all. LOVED IT!


  4. The Queen says:

    Wouldn’t she have?!!! I thought about her during the Christmas program.


  5. grammyjj says:

    I may have to revoke your Grammy license – no camera phone indeed!! Of course, you see how often I post pictures of the grandboys – I’m just as bad. I’d have loved to have heard them though. Maybe you and Pa will have to get them over for an ice cream social and recreate the moment, then video it for us. (I’m just helping…) 😉


  6. The Queen says:

    Yeah and to make it even worse, our resident photographer was cameraless??! The photographer lady and I decided they may have to sing the same song next Sunday and we WILL have cameras! Thank you so much for your helpfulness. I can always count on you….


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