The anatomy of a baby doll cake

Mallorie’s Baby Doll cake

First, find your theme/concept/design/ dea. A three-year old decided about 7 months ago that she wanted a Baby Doll cake. I had done one in June and she loved it. But it was for another little girl in town. Rats!

I searched until I found a company that makes the “gumpaste baby” mold. Seems it’s a very popular item so I had to wait until it was back in stock. It finally arrived last fall and I promptly tried it out. Like I mentioned before, my first baby wasn’t so great.

As time came closer for the Big Event, I couldn’t decide how to use the baby, assuming that I could turn out a baby that looked, well, like a baby! What colors? How many tiers? How big? Topsy turvy or plain? Decisions, decisions. Monday night I stationed myself in the kitchen with colored pencils and sketch pad in hand. (Big Boss was watching the Alabama game, so he was taken care of.) Three different pictures of cakes from two of my favorite sties were arranged around me and I stated drawing, then coloring, erasing, starting over…finally came up with this…

This perhaps?


  1. If the fondant gets dry, you can work a little shortening into it so now it won’t crack!!
  2. Which brings me to fondant ruffles…they will drive you to drink.
  3. Making gumpaste roses is time-consuming. And one of the more difficult techniques I’ve tackled. But the result is nice. I’ll be doing more of them.
  4. You can build up your arm muscles working the color into fondant. I’d like to hire someone to do this for me. I hate it. Period. But I’ve known this for a long time.  Just sayin’.
  5. The handy dandy clay roller-outter thing is cool!  Took me a bit to get the hang of it but I prevailed.
  6. Gumpaste babies are fun and it’s easy to get too much color on them. Wish I had tried them a long time ago.

    Mallorie loved her baby doll!


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