Farm chores, not a thing of the past!

Sausage Making Crew

There are always chores to be done around here.  In fact, you get one done, you turn around and there are 10 new ones waiting for you.  Personally, I’m a List Keeper/Keeper of Lists.  So much so, that when I worked at the high school and coached cheerleaders (yes, I was temporarily insane), my cheerleaders made fun of me. They’d run up to my room, give me one of those “I think you’re a crazy woman but we’ll overlook it for now.” smiles and start rummaging my desk for the latest List so they could start marking off chores.  Guess who admits to making lists NOW?  Revenge is so sweet!!!

Anyway, Big Boss is out feeding cattle.  All 5,000 head, give or take.  I never really know because if they’re not  hauling some out, they’re hauling some in.  It takes him 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.  They build cement bunks on the outside of the cattle pens.  There are driveways down the side of each of those bunks and his feed truck mixes up their ration (corn, protein, molasses…cow food) and then shoots it out to the side into the bunks. And VOILA!  the cattle get dinner.  BUT…the bunks have to be clean.  So if it has snowed, the snow has to be removed with a big blower.  Then the cattle will eat.  If you don’t clean them, they won’t eat.  Seems they like clean plates for their food. 

And if they happen to not clean their plate, they won’t eat the leftovers.  They want fresh stuff, hot out of the truck.  Persnickety lot aren’t they?

And Big Boss does this day in and day out, for the last 33 years.  He says he doesn’t get tired of it.  Looks at as a challenge…to get to know the cattle.  And he uses the time to think and pray and listen to his favorite radio programs and take phone calls.  When we go somewhere, there are just 2 or 3 people he trusts to feed for him.  He has his feed sheets on his laptop so they know exactly how much of what ration goes where and when.  Phew. 

He’s also smoking sausage in his brand spankin’ new smoker.  He’s like a kid with a new toy.  He and #2 son and #1, #2, #3 grandson made venison/pork sausage last night in our garage.  They had a system going and finally quit around 9:00 last night.  I have a feeling that all five of them were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.  They worked hard but they didn’t go hungry.  I had homemade pizza at the ready to feed them and others who just happened to stop by. 😉

Workin' hard, weighing, mixing, piling....

Wood is waiting to be chopped and split too.  That may have to wait.  We are talking about heading the The Big City to see “War Horse”.  A night out.  Yay!

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2 Responses to Farm chores, not a thing of the past!

  1. servetus says:

    5k head!!! and I thought my brother’s measly little dairy herd was a pain. I’m impressed.


  2. The Queen says:

    5K…500, you still have to get up every day and feed the critters. Just takes us a bit longer. The up side…we don’t have to milk!!! 🙂


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