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War Horse poster from Wikipedia.org

Big Boss took me to see “War Horse” last Saturday night.  Yep, you heard right.  I got him off this farm for nearly four hours.  Of course, we rushed over and rushed back because he had sausage in the smoker that had to be checked.  But we got there in time for the trailers/previews and I still haven’t seen the trailer for “The Hobbit”.  I was all set and ready when I took the boys to see “Tin Tin”….no luck.  Anyway, after getting over that disappointment, I thought surely I’d see it this time around at the movies. Nope.  But then, we are a little slow getting stuff like that. Why just the other day….nevermind.

My take on “War Horse”: go see it. No huge language objections other than the British use of “bloody” and “bum”, which I didn’t find objectionable and a couple of others… “hedoubleLL” and “bastard”.  No sex. At all. “War Horse” touts a stellar cast with excellent acting. Spielberg did his usual outstanding job weaving a tale!  Yeah, it was predictable and there were parts where I had to close my eyes…it wasn’t gory or graphically violent, just extremely intense.  Very.  It was a tear-jerker but amazingly enough, I didn’t need a hankie even once.  Close, but not quite.  I spotted some fav British actors…Benedict Cumberbatch, Emily Watson and an actor I have never seen before but I really liked him, his character and his acting..Niels Arestrup, who is French I believe. And the young actress, Celine Buckens was enchanting! The lead actor is a young man named Jeremy Irvine and I think we’ll be seeing more of him.  He reminds me of someone but can’t decide who…

Anyway, the scenery is beautiful then ugly then beautiful again.  Spielberg, it is said, was espousing his anti-war sentiments and that was fairly obvious. But he does it quietly and meticulously, as only he can. 

A friend told me a while back that she had seen “War Horse” on stage when she was in London a while back.  I had no idea it was a play also.  A book, yes.  A movie, right.  A play???  How the heck did they pull that off, I wondered.  Well, they did and evidently, very well, because the play won some Tony awards. 

“Downton Abbey” is set in the same time period as “War Horse” and gives us a glimpse of the upper class reactions to WWI.  I need to brush up on my WWI history.  Badly.  And by the way, if you haven’t tuned in to PBS on Sunday nights for Downton, you should.  It probably could be classified as a WWI British soap opera but it’s done so nicely.  And it has Maggie Smith.  Nuff said.  The woman rules!!!

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6 Responses to About forgot…

  1. grammyjj says:

    Can’t follow your advice on this one, Your Royal Hiney. It’s about an animal, and you know my rule. No books, movies or TV shows about animals – even cartoon ones (haven’t even seen Lion King and refuse to) – they are ALWAYS sad. Same rule applies to little kids and old people, although not quite as strict. I skipped a week of school in 2nd grade cause the teacher was reading Bambi out loud, and again in 4th cause of Old Yeller. Not fair to do that to a captive audience!


  2. prue batten says:

    NB: you are brave. There’s no way I can go to War Horse. Especially after losing my own horse last year. Horses in war, dogs in war… I’d need a cart load of hankies!

    The cast is to die for, but i am not that sturdy… never mind. Might go to the Muppet movie instead! And Tin Tin.

    And Dame Maggie is my icon… I want to be exactly like her Dowager Duchess when I grow up!


  3. The Queen says:

    Boy, have I surrounded myself with animal lovers or what? !!! OK, I get it. I bawled buckets the first time I saw Lassie on Command Presentation that always came on at 4:00 on our NBC affiliate. “National Velvet” wasn’t sad…just hmmm…pensive? “Old Yeller” just about finished me off.

    Prue, forget Tin Tin….really. It wasn’t badly done but….oh heck, I just don’t get all of this CGI stuff. Go watch it and tell me what you think. My grands liked it.

    Let them eat cake! said Your Royal Hiney. Lucy, you are just so principled!!


  4. The Queen says:

    Maggie, BTW, is stealing the show over at Downton. Everytime she twitches that lovely nose of her’s, I get all hysterical. She’s such a card. And I’m really really liking Hugh Bonneville! Everytime I hear him, I think “It’s COLIN!!!” Doesn’t he sound a lot like our dear Mr. Firth? Of course, he totally won me over in “The Vicar of Dibley”!!!


  5. bccmee says:

    I plan to see the War Horse movie soon. The stage version was spectacular. The horses and goose puppets really came to life. Did I tell you I sat in the front row? I was practically in the show!


  6. The Queen says:

    Now you’re braggin’! I’m jealous. One of these days tho…


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