Caution. Irritable farmwife on the premises.

Hole in the sky...the little town of Hanston from our hill. from my stash

Years ago, a friend’s farm house was featured in National Geographic.  The featured photo in the mag was of a sign on a post that leads to their house.  It read:  Caution.  Irritable farmwife. I can identify with that.

Big Boss has breezed through once this morning, on a mission of some sort.  In and out in 1 minute.  That’s my life.  I never know who is coming in for what and when they’re coming and what they’ll want me to do in the process or how many times they’ll be back.  Within the hour.

MOM!  Quick!  I need the papers to the machine that makes the lights turn on and of on the tractor that we bought at an auction 15 years ago.  In Nebraska. And I need the number of the guy that sold it to us.  And the warranty.  I NEED THE WARRANTY!!!  


QUEEN!!  Get in here!!!!  This stupid computer is doing it again!!!

Insert cricket chirp here. (notice all of the !!!!s?  There aren’t enough to go around on some days. All sentences, especially in the mornings, end with an exclamation.)


We have cattle out!  Grab your coat and a flashlight.  I need help. And do we have any cookies left?

OK, his feed truck just screeched into the driveway.  Again.  Either the world is ending in the next 15 seconds OR he just realized he left his phone in the kitchen. Again. *sniff*

I’m smiling.  Really big.  A really big smile.

Back to my brownies.

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2 Responses to Caution. Irritable farmwife on the premises.

  1. prue batten says:

    Laughing! I relate!
    But the thing is they are better at the computer conniption-fix than me!
    So I go back to making this yummo chocolate and ricotta slice. PILES of calories!


  2. The Queen says:

    OOooo. Sounds wonderful. Cake? Pie? Snack?

    Unfortunately, I am the go-to gal for computer probs. That could be good or bad, depending on which side of expertise you’re standing on. Me? I know enough to be dangerous. But can somtimes puzzle out a solution. If not, I call my hand dandy computer geek guy and all is well. He’s a marvel!


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