Recipe Saturday-Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

Simply irresistable!

When we left Robert Lee (Texas) to come to Kansas, the ladies at our church gave me a going away luncheon and I got to choose the menu!!  My choice for the meat dish was this brisket…it was our pastor’s wife’s specialty!!  I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful this is.  It’s an all time favorite with us here at the farm and is great to take to a church dinner or a family gathering.  Don’t think you’ll get to take leftovers home cause there won’t be any.  Ask me how I know.  iI you happen to have any leftovers at home tho, it makes a great sandwich! 

Beef Brisket in the raw. Photo by

Brisket is a cheap cut of meat and can be rather large, but don’t be intimidated.  It shrinks during the cooking process.  A lot! There is usually a lot of fat on a brisket, but you can trim off some of it.  Try to leave just a tad for flavor and moistness. You can also purchase a brisket “flat”, which is a brisket that has been trimmed at the butcher shop.  They’re a bit more per pound. Big Boss has been experimenting cooking flats on this new smoker, which is a whole other process.  The slow, slow, long cooking is what makes this great!  Don’t hurry it. It’s what helps make the meat moist and tender. Then enjoy it!

I usually make Cheese Grits to go with this and a pot of red beans.  Cornbread or Angel biscuits are MUST!!.  Top it off with a hot Peach Cobbler and you shouldn’t have to eat for a month.  But you will.  The leftovers are just too tempting!!

Robert Lee Brisket

4-5 lb. Brisket

Lawry’s seasoning salt (my fav)

Garlic salt

Adolf’s meat tenderizer

4 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1/4-½ cup Liquid Smoke (this will be in the same aisle as the Wor. Sauce, usually right next to it)

    Line a 9×12 pan with heavy duty foil…(large enough to fold over end to end) Place brisket in foil in the pan and rub both sides of the brisket with salts and tenderizer generously.  Pour on Wor. Sauce and Liquid Smoke.  Seal foil and refrigerate 24 hours, turning meat over once during this time. 

Remove from the refrigerator and pre-heat oven  to 225 degrees. Place pan with brisket sealed in foil in the oven and cook with fat side up for 8 hours at 225.  Don’t peek, don’t cheat, just leave it alone!

Remove from oven and let it set for 15 mins. or so. Right before serving, you may pour some of your favorite barbecue sauce on top.  Fantastic!!!

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