Colorama Update

Colored pencils, baby. Colored pencils!

News update on the Colored Pencil Situation…Grands thought it a good idea to come home with Paw and Meemaw from church this morning. Thankfully, leftover brisket awaited us, requiring only extra barbecue sauce and some quality time in the microwave. Paw sliced and heated, while Meemaw opened frozen broccoli…with Mollie persistently reminding me that she does NOT like broccoli. Thank you Mollie. The two sacks of precooked brown rice were retrieved from the cabinet and heated and in no time, we had a lunch!

After a somewhat lengthy blessing that included all of G-d’s Children and all of His creatures, G-d’s Children who were at our table dug in. With the promise of lemon cake scraps if plates were cleaned. Done and done.

As Paw and Meemaw cleaned the kitchen, all of G-d’s Children positioned themselves in the middle of the floor with colored pencils and paper and thus began the afternoon entertainment.

And all of that to say, not one of G-d’s Children asked for Meemaw’s well-hidden Twistables or complained about having to use the El Cheapos. Heeheee! Mission accomplished!

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5 Responses to Colorama Update

  1. The Queen says:

    For Art Girly:

    Have you tried Prisma colored pencils? You’ll never go back!!!! They’re expensive, but well worth it. Because the lead color is softer, you can layer them and shade with them. They work wonderfully on colored paper (even black). They’re awesome! Check out NASCO’s Arts and Crafts department online catalogue or TRIARCO Arts and Crafts online for larger, cheaper sets than the art stores. For years I have ordered my art supplies for the district from them. . Michael’s sells them by the pencil too (but more expesive that way….but you could see it you lilke them, though.) Also your grands might lilke Crayola construction paper crayons which work well on colored construction paper (even black) They cost a little more than regular crayons but so much fun! And if you grands have never used tempera cakes (like giant watercolors), that’s a must too. Prang’s Ambrite colored chalk is tons better than the regular. All found on the above websites.


  2. The Queen says:

    I see I need to add some itens to my already long list for my next trip to the Big City!!! I have oil chalks but I also hoard those. I’m hopeless. We do have Crayola items by the ton…but I buy El Cheapo construction paper. Ten kids can go thru LOTS of paper, I’m telling you. El Cheapo is my best friend!!

    I’ve looked at and dreamed about the Prisma’s…maybe I could ask for them for my birthday. ANd then hide them!!!!


  3. Art Girly says:

    Gotcha….those construction paper crayons will work on the Cheapo paper and they’ll last a long time.

    Ummm, an idea for a new reality show…..Pencil Hoarders! 🙂


  4. The Queen says:

    I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and don’t find the Crayola construction paper crayons. Have to look next time I’m in Wichita. BTW, I had my HobLob coupon with me and got Prisma’s 40% off!! You’re right. They’re stellar!!

    Or….Grannies Who Hide Things?!!


  5. Art Girly says:

    Try ordering crayolas from the Nasco Arts and Crafts online catalogue. The class set is a bit pricey, but will last through the youngest grand! 🙂


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