Pickin’ with Mike on Sunday

Every summer…almost…I make a trek to Townsend, TN for ChristyFest.  (More on that in a future post.)  My first year was in 2002 and among the amazing things I saw and learned that trip, buying my first handmade dulcimer was maybe the most amazing. 

About halfway through my visit in Townsend, I stumbled upon a little shop called Wood-N-Strings and met a sweet lady named Connie and eventually her husband, Mike.  Mike’s passion in life is dulcimers.  Making them, playing them, teaching them.  He assured me that anyone could play a dulcimer and if you had a natural musical ear, easy peasey.  I purchased a beautiful handcrafted and carved (appropriately with deer!) dulcimer and fell in love with mountain music! (and learned to play the dulcimer…sort of)

Every Saturday night during the summer, Mike and Connie put on a Back Porch Concert that not only features their music but other musicians in the area.  Beyond excellent is all I can say.  And it doesn’t hurt that the local church ladies make homemade ice cream to serve during the concert.  Heaven. Pure Heaven!  And then for Sunday morning, I’ve been able to twist their arms and come lead our Worship service at the Townsend Visitor’s Center’s outdoor Pavillion, which has the Great Smokies as a background.  Can it get any better?! Well, now that you mention it, it can.  Heeeeeere’s Mike….

This song is features Mike on his dulcimer and Steve Kaufman on the guitar. 

And if you dig dulcimer music, check this kid out!!  He’s playing a Clemmer Dulcimer.

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7 Responses to Pickin’ with Mike on Sunday

  1. Art Girly says:

    Interesting…..years ago, my hubby became interested in a dulcimer, too. He bought a kit in Cripple Creek, Col and made his one and only…..I’m sure he would like more! Since he plays guitar and banjo, he learned to play pretty quickly!


  2. The Queen says:

    If he EVER decides he wants a masterpiece (not that his kit dulcimer wasn’t a masterpiece!) he needs to contact Mike. He’s got ban-jammers, lap harps, bowed psaltries, CDs, music.

    My good dulcimer was actually my second. Years before I ordered one from Sears! Can you believe it?! Good old Sears had one in their catalog. Learned on it and played some with our pastor at the time. My Clemmer dulcimer has a noticable richer sound tho!!!

    I don’t remember your hubby playing those instruments!


  3. Melinda Strickland says:

    Debbie, while we lived in Glen Rose, one of the things we enjoyed was the yearly dulcimer festival held in one of the parks. Buddy served as worship leader for 3+ years and was able to convince the state dulcimer champion to share her talents in our church several times. It really is beautiful music. I bet you sing and play at the same time, right?


  4. The Queen says:

    LOL!! I wish, Melinda! Me? The one who has a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time?! But I can play harmony with another dulcimer. Weird! I guess it carries over from being able to harmonize vocally. Does Buddy have a dulcimer?


  5. Art Girly says:

    Will have to give the info on Mike to Larry….Yeah, he’s played since he was a kid. And still plays regularly. If he had time, he would enjoy being in a band. 🙂


  6. grammyjj says:

    Reblogged this on Grammy JJ's Ponderings and commented:
    This is


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