Of boots and bovine manure

I wannabe like Dad

Bracing myself as Big Boss hasn’t hit the back door yet!  It’s poop hauling time around here and that means when he does hit the back door, he will smell bad.  Really bad.  Of skunk proportions!  He takes his boots off but they always smell bad due to the silage that he walks in all of the time. Plus cow poop.

His clothes smell bad too.  But he can’t strip down every time he walks into the house so I just follow him around with good smelling stuff…like Lysol or a scented candle. (if you ever need a gift idea, things that smell good are huge needs!)  He can’t smell it tho.  I think it’s because the cow poop scents burned out all of his sensory nerves in his nose. Is that possible?  Long gone a long time ago. But he tries to not smell bad.  He showers constantly.  And uses anything will cover up enhance his aroma!  He feels bad about his not-so-lovely scent, but hey, what can a farmer do?  His basic argument when he’s accused of smelling bad is, “Be glad I’m not a pig farmer!”  End of discussion.

About 10 years ago when we began our pheasant hunting lodge, we needed a larger dining room…one that could seat 12 hunters easily. The solution was to renovate our attached garage into a dining room.  Then we built a garage south of the house.  My dream come true!  Included in the new garage was a bathroom and a freezer room/kitchen.  The bathroom was for Big Boss for there he could throw his stinky clothing into the old washer, dry them in an old dryer and never have to run them through my new frontload washer in the house!!!!  YAY!!!!  And he could shower out there and all of that cow poop smell would stay out in the garage.  Who needs diamonds, furs or Cadillacs when you have this wonderful gift plopped into your lap?! 🙂

When our youngest son was little, he loved to put his dad’s boots on and tromp around all over the house.  I worried about that.  Not that the smelly boots would stink up the whole house but could this warp his precious little mind?  Would he one day have smelly boots?  Could this possibly be genetic?  A resounding YESSSS reverberates through the country air as I type!

Farm Update:  He just came and went with the warning that poop will be driving by this afternoon.  They’re hauling to fields south of us.  BUT, he promised that no poop would be falling out of the poop truck/spreader.  Fat chance.

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