Very Good Things

I just got in from walking out to the mailbox to see what goodies aka bills were inside.  And there really REALLY was a goodie.  Beyond a goodie. No, I didn’t win the Publishers House sweepstakes.  And they haven’t discovered oil in my backyard.  BUT…I got the sweetest thank you note from a kid I don’t even know. 

 Story goes like this…ChristyFest has for the last several years, been promoting the Box Top program.  Us Festers aka Crispy Critters (thank you Lane, and Happy Birthday, BTW!) clip and save Box Tops all year long, then send them in to be used at the Del Rio Elementary School in TN.  The idea is to carry on Christy’s (Leonora’s) mission to help those who need it in the school that is geographically close to the original mission site.  The program has been a resounding success and other programs have begun in a ripple  effect!  That, my friends, is a GOOD thing! 

But the principal carries the program a step further, in the other direction.  She has the students who receive the benefits from the program write thank you notes to those who have sent in the Box Tops.  Not only is she teaching them to appreciate the help they get but to express that gratitude in a personal way…handwritten, signed, sealed and delivered.  There’s hope in this world after all…

If you’d like to participate by saving Box Tops, go here for the products that carry the  Box Top coupons.  You can send them to your local school OR send them to me and I’ll get them to Del Rio for you OR send them straight to Del Rio for you.  I promise, it’s REAL good thing!!

Oh, I almost forgot…if you might be interested in making crafts for the kid’s store, go here check out the information provided there.  The school children are on a merit program and when they have earned enough tickets to purchase a gift for a parent/sibling/relative, they can go to the craft store at the school that has donated items in it and use their tickets to buy those items.  Good behavior abounds at that school!!!

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4 Responses to Very Good Things

  1. servetus says:

    It’s interesting to see your reaction. I had to write a letter to the people who’d financed one of my scholarships every year of college saying “thank you” and telling them what I was doing in college. I never got a response from them (not that I expected one), though I always wondered what they thought.


  2. The Queen says:

    I’ll bet you did. We get to carry the project a step further…we visit the school each summer when we attend ChristyFest. The principal takes us through the school showing us improvements and takes time out of her busy day (they have summer programs also) to thank us and serve us some swaaat tea! She shares stories about the children and her love for them. We walk away with huge grins on our faces!


  3. grammyjj says:

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    I just realized that I’ve never told y’all about ChristyFest. This is one of the amazing benefits we’ve gained over the years. Working with wonderful folks like the pPrincipal Jan at this Elementary School. They’ve graciously allowed us to be a part of their Christmas Store (described by the Queen) for the past couple of years and we’ve already started planning for this year. This is an amazing group of kids, parents, teachers and administrators!


  4. The Queen says:

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    From a while back…


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