A bit of Texas, please.

My mother called today saying that the rains they’re had in Central Texas the last few weeks has filled the tanks (that would be ponds here).  Best of all, the bluebonnets are UP!!!  Yay!  Last year’s crop was sad and the year before was even sadder.  But this year’s bloom promises lots and lots of BLUE!!!  I plan my spring trips to Texas around the bluebonnet bloom, just so you get the importance of the event.

That got me to thinking…when our hunters drive up, especially those who hail from the Great State of Texas, are always amazed at my Texas “things”.  So I ran around the house/farm with my new Canon SX 150 (it is SWEET!) and finally quit on the 15th pic!  I didn’t realize…..

So, for those Texas pals of mine, be assured that I have indeed attempted to sprinkle little bits of Texas around for all to see.  And enjoy.  And love. Like we do!

Imagine the stonemason’s shock when he was handed a Texas outline with the request, “I’ll take one of these, please?”
and then there was this other stonemason who wasn’t shocked at all! (If you look real close, there’s a truck going up the hill to the top pens for another load of cow poop.)

More “Bits of Texas” to follow from a Kansas farm!

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2 Responses to A bit of Texas, please.

  1. CDismukes says:

    The stonemason did a great job on your Texas map. Love your reminder of Texas items, Debbie! Looking forward to more.


  2. The Queen says:

    Didn’t he? I think my sons are sure I’ve lost my mind…everytime I go home, I come back w/more Texas stuff! I tell them, “Just think…all of this will one day be yours!!!!” Pretty sure that’s exactly what worries them….


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