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Colorama Update

News update on the Colored Pencil Situation…Grands thought it a good idea to come home with Paw and Meemaw from church this morning. Thankfully, leftover brisket awaited us, requiring only extra barbecue sauce and some quality time in the microwave. Paw … Continue reading

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Recipe Saturday-Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

When we left Robert Lee (Texas) to come to Kansas, the ladies at our church gave me a going away luncheon and I got to choose the menu!!  My choice for the meat dish was this brisket…it was our pastor’s … Continue reading

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ME? a Colorama Tyrant?

Note: Not farm related exactly…but part of this happened here at the farm.  Does that count?  Oh, and Big Boss finally got his post written so that will coming up sometime soon.  No promises tho.  Tis the weekend and anything … Continue reading

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Floating…just floating

You can float my boat. Thankyouverymuch, in my best Elvis voice. Clouds float. (I see a tractor in them sometimes?) Whipped cream floats in coffee. (hang on, coffee is in the other room.  Somewhere.) You can build a float. (remember … Continue reading

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Caution. Irritable farmwife on the premises.

Years ago, a friend’s farm house was featured in National Geographic.  The featured photo in the mag was of a sign on a post that leads to their house.  It read:  Caution.  Irritable farmwife. I can identify with that. Big … Continue reading

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About forgot…

Big Boss took me to see “War Horse” last Saturday night.  Yep, you heard right.  I got him off this farm for nearly four hours.  Of course, we rushed over and rushed back because he had sausage in the smoker that … Continue reading

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It Can’t Be Done or Ode to a Pecan Tree

Black stained fingers. Not a pretty sight. Couldn’t get them clean it seemed. Great. Everyone would know what I did this last weekend. I picked up pecans. Pecans that ooze tannin and phenolics from the sap and stain hands. Lots of … Continue reading

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I may be country but…

I told Big Boss that when we moved back to the farm there were some things I was NOT going to do…milk cows, butcher chickens or drive a tractor. Since most of our cattle are steers, the milking thing was not  a … Continue reading

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Roly Poly

I know. It’s not politically correct.  But it’s cute.  And a little bit goofy and it’s straight off the farm! It describes a little chubby kid so well. OK, it might, just maybe, describe a fluffy adult as well.  But the … Continue reading

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Farm chores, not a thing of the past!

There are always chores to be done around here.  In fact, you get one done, you turn around and there are 10 new ones waiting for you.  Personally, I’m a List Keeper/Keeper of Lists.  So much so, that when I … Continue reading

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