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One quart of winter, please?!

Disclaimer: I am NOT pining for a blizzard or have a sudden desire to get out that sled and go for a spin.  I’m officially READY for spring.  Heck, my green thumb is twitching as I type. The other day … Continue reading

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Drum roll please!

I WON A CONTEST!!!  No, I’m not expecting $$$$ or a car or a trip to Hawaii. But maybe a Wisconsin product??!  I have a new blog friend, Dairy Carrie.  She’s a cool lady from Wisconsin who helped send hay to … Continue reading

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King Ranch Enchiladas since I didn’t get this up Saturday

  I really didn’t plan it this way re: all the King talk, but here’s the next recipe up…King Ranch Enchiladas.  My aunt gave this to me years ago… maybe 30?  I love this stuff.  A little guacamole, some tortilla … Continue reading

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Don’t mind if I do

All this George tawk has made me homesick.  But, I got a good dose of Texas today!  And that can possibly cure any ailment…even a missing King! As I headed in to town to mail BB’s correspondence, I nearly fell … Continue reading

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The King and I, Part 2

  With a heavy heart, I type this.  After all my braggin’ before we left, it was all to no avail.    We had planned Saturday around 7:30 concert time…we’d eat breakfast at such and such time at IHOP…then go to … Continue reading

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The King and I

It’s a Frantic Friday as I race around the house in my boots getting ready for a trip to see none other but King George. King of what you’re thinking? As far as I’m concerned, he’s King of Texas, although a … Continue reading

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Wondering about cows?

Well, you can find some answers RIGHT HERE!!  (that’s right, click on the RIGHT HERE)  Yeah, I’m lazy resourceful today.  I’m also gone from the computer, so I cheated.  I found this blog, Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch at the … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Seen my BOOK?

Five months ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my life.  It was decision that didn’t come easily.  I researched.  I pondered.  I asked for opinions. What to do. What to do.  I felt somehow that if I … Continue reading

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Paper Dolls R Us

Continuing the paper doll theme for us massive group of Boomers, I give you today’s featured Paper Doll aficionados, Fancy Nancy, the next door neighbor mentioned in yesterday’s post and Connie, the cute little girl down the street with a … Continue reading

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Diamonds in the Trees

We woke up Saturday AM to sparkly ice diamonds sprinkled all over the grass, the hills and the trees!!  Couldn’t resist grabbing the camera!  Click on the pic to enlarge.

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