Coach Farmer aka Farmer who coaches basketball

Would you believe Big Boss is now coaching grandsons?  Maybe a 4th round of coaching you might ask!?  Nah.  This is for fun!  No pay. (But there ARE pay-offs.  Big time.) No pressure.  Actually, it’s more like a personalized basketball camp.  The twins are ten now and beginning to get a little serious about sports.  Paw is the natural go-to- guy for basketball expertise. 

So, for the last three weeks, he comes in a little early from the feedlot 2 or 3 times a week, showers, pulls on his sweats, grabs 2 basketballs and drives through the pasture to pick up two little boys.  Then they head to the gym for an hour or so.  He’s got them dribbling figure 8’s, working on the Bounce Back, running and switching…all the drills some of you gals out there in cyberspace used to do many moons ago. You know the ones…the drills that you smiled through!

It’s a nice break from feeding cattle or hauling poop plus it gets the blood moving again. Just as long as not Coaching Blood that’s moving.  We’re too old!!

And how much fun do you think he’s having bouncing the old ball again?  Lots!  A ginormous amount of fun!!

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6 Responses to Coach Farmer aka Farmer who coaches basketball

  1. Frances says:

    Warms my heart.


  2. Myna says:

    Your grandson’s could not have a better coach! He’s the best!


  3. Suzann Coffey says:

    Why don’t you get out there and coach also Debbie? Fun , fun!


  4. The Queen says:

    I’m what’s known in the basketball world as a “ball shagger”=someone who chases loose balls around the gym. And family photographer! 😀


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