10 Ways to Instantly Unleash Your Inner Awesome

Good thoughts here…simple but good! My goal? I’ve already laughed…son #2 came in 15 mins. ago to show me the “Trunk Monkey” ads. #2…Big Boss just clued me in on the numbers of bunk cleaning, which I’ll share later. Listening to others …I do that on a daily basis. #4 is harder and #5…to be worked on. I drink gallons of water each day. #6, 9 are goals for the day. Ooops just checked posture and looked in mirror…uh, I’ll just say “the barn needs painted”!!!!

Thoughts on Theatre

1. Smile, sit up straight, look like you want to feel

2. Learn something new

3. Listen to others

4. Appreciate instead of criticize

5. Believe, even if faced with doubt

6. Tell someone how much they mean to you

7. Drink some water

8. Laugh

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff (worrying is like hoping for something you don’t want to happen…to happen)

10. Help somebody out

Not too hard, right?

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