I just discovered “Farm Fresh” last week and found this article nails the “organic” issue. I have long gardened “organically”, although not in the purest form. So, I am far from “anti-organic”!! But this push to convince us that we’re poisoning ourselves, our food and our land is just plain crazy. We as farmers are all trying to do our dead level best to put nourishing food on the tables of the USA, be timely in doing so and keep up with demand. A tall order to be sure but then US farmers have been feeding the world for quite some time. And will continue to do so. If we’re “allowed” to! All of this “green” talk, pure organic rah-rah reeks of MORE government regulations. Believe me, that is the last thing farmers need. The very last thing.

Farm Fresh

To buy or not to buy organic? That is the question.

But why does it have to be?

I thought about this question alot, while preparing this post. In fact, most of my posts are written in a very short amount of time, usually 10 minutes or less. Sometimes it’s as if the words were already there, I just needed to type them out. But not today.

As a farmer, I am proud of almost every aspect of agriculture. I truly value the organic movement, because anything we can do to continue to provide food is important. We NEED every farmer, every type, every size, to continue providing food for our world.

Over the weekend, a slideshow by WebMD was brought to my attention. At first, I was kind of excited about it…hoping it was going to put to rest some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding conventional and organic…

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