Will My Children Be Allowed to Work on Our Farm?

This is a REAL Public Service Announcement!  Please read Chris’ blog piece and then go to:


and then contact your legislators, voicing your objections to yet another infringement on our rights as citizens and parents.  This has got to be stopped!!


Last week I traveled to Washington, DC to testify before the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade (Subcommittee of the House Committee on Small Business) on behalf of America’s farmers and ranchers about the Department of Labor’s proposed rules regarding Child Labor on farms and ranches.  The Department of Labor has proposed new rules that would restrict children under the age of 16 from working on a farm or ranch.  The list of tasks youth would not be allowed to do is astonishing to me.   For example, milking cows would not be allowed, and neither would building a fence.  One item that stood out to me was that no youth under the age of 16 would be allowed to use a tool that was powered by any source other than hand or foot power.  That would eliminate youth using flashlights, garden hoses (because hoses are powered by water) battery operated…

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