God and Hunting

For those of you who don’t know, Big Boss and I, established a pheasant hunting business back in 1999. Our youngest son had graduated from high school and was entering college. The older two sons were married and had graduated from college. No more ballgames. No more concession stands! No more FFA, music contests. So, out fear of being bored (ha!), BB decided to go for something that he’d been wanting to do ever since we moved back to Kansas. Actually, the seed was planted during his coaching years in West Texas when he and fellow coaches hunted deer (our protein source during those lean years!) on sections and sections of ranch land surrounding the town where they taught school.

Our middle son became the guide, with the younger son eventually graduating from college and marrying and joining the business…along with farming and tending cattle. I did all of the cooking for 3 meals a day with a daughter-in-law ultimately taking over the hot breads and some desserts. Another daughter-in-law did all of the cleaning at our lodge…not small task, believe me!! Truly a family operation.

We greeted a favorite group once a year…the KAA aka Kids Across America…with anticipation.  You never knew who was going to come with them.  Maybe a pro-basketball player.  Mayber the founder of a company. Or two!  Wonderful guys, great friends, outstanding citizens and inspiring Christians. Our place is where they do an annual fund-raiser for the KAA camps… Christ-centered summer camps for inner city kids.

Now that BB and I have retired from that business and our oldest son has taken it over, KAA still comes to hunt with us.  And they produce stellar videos of the hunts as they tell the story of their camps.

They just sent this year’s vid out and it’s excellent.  I don’t know exactly who the cameraman was, so I can’t credit him…so I’ll just say, “Thanks KAA!!!”.  #1 son is pointing out hunting spots in the foreground at around :51…#2 son is on the left at 5:18, talking and nodding to the hunters.

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4 Responses to God and Hunting

  1. Suzann Coffey says:

    Heart warming!! But, I felt sorry for the birds. LOL


  2. The Queen says:

    Now WHY did I know you’d say that?!! haw!


  3. Myna says:

    Great video! Not the infamous YouTube video directly underneath it! LOL


  4. The Queen says:

    Thank goodness! I wish I had the guy’s name that did this vid.


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