Granddaughter #4 giving y'all a big ole Valentine howdy! No idea what that is all over her face. Don't ask. photo by Candace

Thinking of that lovely song now?!!!  Carly Simon anyone?  Not really one of my favs.

 But the picture begs posting here!  I’ve had it for a while.   It’s just so full of….I don’t know…full of HAPPY?!!  I have SO many favorite pics of all my grands…all 10 of them.  But I had to start with this one.  No, not one of those posed “I’m all dressed up for my picture.” type of photos of Mollie.  She is one huge bundle of unadulterated joy and if you get in her way, she’ll tell about it!!

But Mollie doesn’t care about any of that junk.  Life is a bed roses for her.  Life is just a river of good times and lots of candy canes.  She really doesn’t require much more in her almost 3 year old world.  We have lots of pics like this one. She’s the one with the wild hair who sometimes takes a “wild hair” and ends up with chocolate and sweet stuff in her wild hair, clothing and anything remotely close to her physical proximity.  Yes, life is a bowl full of cherries!  She’s a party just lookin’ for a place to happen.

So, in anticipation (yes, I am finally getting to the point) of Valentines Day, Mollie is excited today!  She sang me to me all morning  and eventually conned her younger cousin, Kody and her big sis, Mallorie into  a sing-a-along.  She came through the door with a sack of heart cookies and a huge grin.  “For you Meemaw!”  She anticipated my reaction, which was met with a hug and thank you.  And then she quickly moved on to Kody to check out what he was doing in the living room. Mal handed me our Valentines with a shy smile and made a bee line for a book and  for the baby dolls. There were babies awaiting her attention.  Kody was ready for anything…dolls, trucks, play farms, singing, FOOD!!! He’s flexible!  And when Dawson rang the door bell, he was greeted by the House Hostess, Mollie, who was delighted to see him. “Come on in.  Have some Cheez-Its.”

Which brings me back to anticipation.  Every Valentine’s Day for years, I would anticipate what goodies would come my way on the day of days.  Used to be roses. Or a dinner out. Or a piece of jewelry.  Now?  I’m a total pushover for Cinderella Valentines and cookies that “we helped mommy make”.  Or even Transformer Valentines and candy leftover from the school party.  Or just a hug.  That will do just fine!!! I am easy to please! Hope your anticipations are wonderfully met this week.

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2 Responses to An-ti-ci-pation

  1. bccmee says:

    Your Mollie sounds like my kind of people!


  2. The Queen says:

    She would entertain you immensely! Especially if she starts singing Oh My Darlin’. Of course, ALL of my grands are entertaining, cute, talented and terribly terribly intelligent. 😀 But you gotta come here first…


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