Nutella Fudge aka Smell It and Gain 10 LBS

Not the Laughing Man’s chocolate

In the spirit of the day, I made fudge a little bit ago. No, it’s not Saturday and NO, it’s not for me/us.  I’m giving it away but OH BABY, is this stuff good!!!  And slightly expensive to make.  BUT OH BABY, is it worth it!  By the time you buy the Nutella, the 60% bittersweet Ghiradelli chips, the sweet condensed milk, real vanilla (is there anything else?) and pecans, you have just invested a small fortune in your tummy. Or someone else’s, in my case. Really.

The Nutella is akin to eating a can of Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Fudge Frosting.  Have mercy.  Then you just keep dumping in more and more calories.  But today is special. So, now to cool it and cut it up.

BB just came in and found it.  He almost had a heart attack when I told him what it was.  I guess he thought I was going to force-feed him.  More like hide it from him.

The recipe is at this link.  The only thing I did differently was to microwave instead of the double boiler method.  Call me brilliant lazy, but I didn’t want to fool with the double boiler today. I nuked it in 30 second increments on medium high…about 4 times.  Experiment.  I also added chopped pecans to half of it, separating the nutty fudge from the plain fudge with a wall of parchment paper.  Some weirdos in this family don’t like nuts in anything, so to keep EVERYBODY happy, I poured half of the fudge into one side, then added the nuts to the remaining  fudge, mixed it, and dumped into the other half of the pan. You’re welcome.

The Fudge Wall

I don’t think I could ever sit down with a spoon tho and eat this stuff out of the jar.  Way too rich.  The fudge however, could be a different story.  Note I said, “Could be”.  😉  And NOW….I know what Nutella is, Frenz.  First hand.

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6 Responses to Nutella Fudge aka Smell It and Gain 10 LBS

  1. Myna says:

    Looks wonderful! Not healthy, but wonderful!


  2. The Queen says:

    health fudge…in the same sentence? Nah! Just fun!


  3. Art Girly says:

    LOL….just like peanut butter, I believe Nutella is meant to be eaten in small increments of say…2 tablespoons at a time! (I admit that I have eaten out of the jar! But only a tsp spoon or 2…I swear!) It’s a fav of ours….. We eat it on that puffy stuff (that’s practically air!) at Central Market….helps on the calories. 🙂


  4. The Queen says:

    Sure, I believe you. Let’s see there’s 200 calories per 2 Tablespoons..and you’re worried about puffy stuff?!! LOL!! Not only am I expanding my horizons but I’m also expanding my waistline…


  5. Art Girly says:

    Yeah, sorta like drinking DIET coke with a cheeseburger and large fries! Saving those calories! Heehee 🙂


  6. The Queen says:

    Actually, there is scientific proof that Diet Coke cancels OUT candy bars. Read it at the Al Gore Institute for Higher Learning, Nutrition 101 for Dummies. Good ole Al. We do what we have to do….


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