Please Pass the Biscuits?!

Nope.  It’s not Recipe Saturday. However because a friend asked for this recipe, I’ll put it here and share today.  I know.  You can thank me later.  😀

I got this from a sweet, sweet lady with whom I taught at our local high school for 4 years.  She was the Home Economics teacher until her retirement, followed closely by a bout of cancer that took her life.

Almost every day, her classes would make one of her delicious recipes and then some of the girls would come upstairs to my room and share!!  Or not.  Sometimes whatever it was that they made was snarfed up immediately.  Not by the girls.  Other people in the halls.  Hmmm.

This biscuit recipe was one of the teacher’s.  The girls told me that this was called Frozen Biscuits.  I told them NO WAY.  They said yes way.  So I tried them and they became a staple in my kitchen.  Wonderful with sausage gravy.  Or slathered with butter and strawberry jam.

I’ve made at least 3 tons of these things.  During our hunting season, every morning, I’d make a double recipe…sometimes more, for our hunters.  One, who was a restaurant owner/cook in a large city, told me after his third biscuit, that they were the best he’d ever had.  Really nice man.

So this is Karen’s recipe, but I use my great-grandma’s method of biscuit making…the melted butter in the hot pan part.  Makes a HUGE difference!!!


3 cups flour (I often use half whole wheat flour and half all purpose)

1/4 cup dry milk

2 Tablespoons baking powder

2 Tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

1 cup of shortening (I always use Crisco butter flavored and sometimes cheat using the pre-measured Crisco when I’m in a hurry lazy)

1 cup of water

Measure the first 6 dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Note the pastry blender.  This is one item that you don’t go cheap on and you’ll use it on pie crusts, biscuits…and it’s great for squishing up avocadoes!  Buy a good stainless steel  blender.  Also, this is a step where many put the dry ingredients and shortening into an electric processor.  That works great and is super fast but I hate cleaning the darned things afterwards, so I use the old-fashioned way!

Ready to cut the shortening in.

Add the shortening and cut into the flour mixture with a pastry blender until the flour and shortening form clumps the size of coarse breadcrumbs. (The finer you cut the shortening in, the flakier the biscuit will be.)

The shortening is now “cut” in and ready for H20

Add the water and stir till well combined and form into a big ball. With CLEAN floured hands, knead the dough about 10 times to get the dough smooth.

Kneaded and ready to roll out.

Place on a well-floured surface (If you don’t already have a bread board, this might be a good time to invest in one.  Mine was made by one of our hunters.  It measures 22″x23 1/2″ and slides right in the cabinet under my sink. One of the All Time Best Gifts I ever got!) and flatten with your hands.  Then roll the dough out with a floured rolling pin (another thing to NOT skimp on.  Mine was a made by my Uncle G.W. years ago and I cannot live w/o this thing!!) to about 3/4″ thick.

At this point, place 2 Tablespoons of butter in a 9×12 cake pan (preferably a metal pan) and place into a 450° oven on the middle rack. Heat for about 2 mins but watch it closely so the butter doesn’t burn!!

While my pan is heating, I usually proceed with the next step. With a floured biscuit cutter, cut out each biscuit, reflouring the cutter each time.  Or the dough will stick to the cutter. As you cut out the biscuits lay to the side, reroll the dough and cut out more biscuits.  NOTE: My biscuit cutter is a 3″er as seen in the pic above.  Helpful Hint next…use a 1 cup measuring cup to measure your flour.  When you’ve got your 3 cups in the bowl, dip in once more time for about 1/4 cup flour. Set your biscuit cutter in the cup w/the flour and place on your bread board.  Now you have a quick way of reflouring your board, your cutter and your rolling pin. No dipping in and out of the flour bin! And it’s all right there on your board.)

Ready for the oven or for the freezer

Once the biscuits are cut, take the hot pan out of the oven and place on a hot pad.  Take each biscuit and flop it around in the pan, coating with butter once, turn over and place in pan. Sometimes you have to take a biscuit and move the butter around so it’s evenly distributed.  Place in the 400oven for about 15-20 mins.  I go for the 20 mins as I like my biscuits crunchy on the bottom!  Eat immediately!

OR…once you have the biscuits cut out, place on a cookie sheet and freeze.  Once they’re solidly frozen, place the biscuits in a plastic bag and seal well.  When you’re ready for a biscuit, take out the number you want and proceed as above with the butter.  Let them set out for 15-30 mins and bake.  Or you can bake them frozen.  I reduce the oven heat to 400° and let them bake a few mins. longer.  This will be something you’ll have to experiment with as each oven is different.  The frozen biscuits won’t rise as much as fresh ones and tend to “spread” out a bit.  But they are just as tasty!

OR…measure out everything and cut in shortening.  Then, sack up in a qt. freezer Ziploc and store in fridge or freezer.  Be sure to label if it’s a single or double recipe and if someone else may be using your mix, write the amount of water, oven temp and time along with the date.  No confusion that way and you don’t have to hunt up the recipe book/page!!  Anything to save time.  Not to mention money.  You can make these biscuits for pennies!  And THAT, my dear friends, is a GREAT THING!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Please Pass the Biscuits?!

  1. servetus says:

    learning to make baking powder biscuits in home ec — certainly brings back memories. Yum.


  2. bccmee says:

    These look amazing. I actually have 3 of the ingredients and 4 if you include water.


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