a little Eva Cassidy

I discovered Eva Cassidy on PBS while watching Rupert Penry-Jones in “Persuasion” on the Masterpiece Theatre one Sunday night. The local PBS station played this song in conjunction with one of their ads. I ran to the computer to do a search on the words in hopes of finding out who was singing and the name of the song. In a lightbulb moment, I did the search at youtube and there it was!! Love love love this song! Unfortunately, Eva died of cancer at the age of 33, cutting short her budding singing career.

So here’s my post-Valentine to all of my family and friends…music!!

Coming soon-Big Boss stories, Paper Doll follow-ups, farm updates, bluebonnet news flashes and of course, recipes. Company’s a comin’ so I may be scarce for a few days!  😀

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2 Responses to a little Eva Cassidy

  1. Art Girly says:

    Oh so beautiful….that it makes you cry! Thanks for sharing….never heard of her.


  2. The Queen says:

    Go to youtube and do a search on her name. You’re welcome!! 🙂


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