The King and I, Part 2


I got one good pic of GS!

With a heavy heart, I type this.  After all my braggin’ before we left, it was all to no avail.    We had planned Saturday around 7:30 concert time…we’d eat breakfast at such and such time at IHOP…then go to Cabelas for an hour, then head for Zona Rosa for a couple of hours, then back to Cabelas…BB LOVES Cabelas and had a hard time deciding on longjohns…silk or merino.  Anyway, we then went back to our hotel, freshened up a bit and left for the Sprint Center at 5:00.

Traffice was crazy but we got parked, commiserated with a couple of K-State fans over the day’s basketball game loss which was compounded by KU’s last second win over Missouri, found our seats and were situated by 6:30.  Then we walked around to watch all of the nutty people running around like goofballs waiting for the concert.  Of course, THEY were nutty.  But not us! 😀

Did the last minute bathroom stop, got me a Pepsi, helped a little man up who fell off a stool in the concession stand…honestly, I think the man went to sleep and fell to the floor!  After we got him situated, I finished my Pepsi (no Coke products in the HOUSE folks!) and headed for our seats again…as the little man was dozing off.  Again. Scary!

Concert started right on time.  Martina rocked but her band blasted her out of hearing range.  Sad!  She’s got such good, strong voice and you could NOT hear her!  Aggravating!  Time out then as George’s people set up shop.  And set up shop.  And set up shop.  Finally, out came THE King.  Wow, first song he sounded a little…weak?  I thought maybe he just needed to ge warmed up a bit more?  Second song was much better.  Then he turned around, took off his guitar strap and apologized for his voice.  Huh?  Said he couldn’t sing.  At all.  HUH? Maybe we could come back next week for a rescheduled concert? WHATTTT?!!  I don’t think so.  And he he walked off. 

Color me blue.  Color me disappointed.  Color a whole bunch of folks let-down.  But hey.  This stuff happens. And when it’s a one man show and the one man can’t sing…you’re in trouble.  But we cheered him off the stage and handed our tickets over to our niece telling her to reward some poor souls with our seats as there was NO way we could get back next weekend.  I did get an email stating that refunds would be honored for those who can’t make the trip again.  All 300+ miles.  And another hotel stay plus time and gas.  Nope.  Can’t do it.  Not even for the King.  Think I’ll just cry in my coffee and feel sorry for myself now.

Nah.  No point in that.  So we stopped at Papa Murphy’s, picked up 3 family size pizzas, called the kids to come over and arrived home in time to pop pizzas in the ovens and have a nice supper while we were treated to a round of B-I-N-G-O by a kid from the basement.  Watch out George.  Competition is nipping at your heels!!!

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6 Responses to The King and I, Part 2

  1. Connie says:

    Ya know D, maybe you didn’t get to hear King George sing a bunch of great songs, but you did get to see him walk off in those Wrangler!!!!!!!!


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    LOL, Connie! And you know Queenie, you are in good company with all those folks at the Super Bowl last year! 🙂 (Sorry for the disappointment, though!)


  3. The Queen says:

    It’ll take time, but I’ll recover. I’m sure. I hope. Meanwhile, I think I’ll mozy on over to youtube for me a little George music!!!


  4. Nadine says:

    I was jealous of you until I read this blog! Reallywanted to go see them in Wichita, but basketball games came first this year. Too bad about the concert, but I do have to agree with the comment that you got to see him in his Wranglers!!! And boy can he sing! Too bad he couldn’t that night.


  5. The Queen says:

    LOL! We gave our tickets to Robin and she said we wouldn’t have enjoyed it if we HAD come back…the guys in the seats right behind us tied one…or maybe 4…on that night. Cops finally hauled their butts out. Looked like Hunter had a great BB year!!


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