Don’t mind if I do

Sugar or cream?! 😀 I'm making a pot of coffee right now just so I can use this lovely little pitcher!!

All this George tawk has made me homesick.  But, I got a good dose of Texas today!  And that can possibly cure any ailment…even a missing King!

As I headed in to town to mail BB’s correspondence, I nearly fell over a package that the UPS man had delivered quietly sometime this afternoon!  As soon as I saw the return address, I knew I had to stop and get that dude unwrapped!  Yes, I’m a bit impetuous. But after George’s failure to communicate/sing, I felt like I really, REALLY couldn’t wait needed to see last week’s purchase from the Great State of Texas right then and there!

I had seen this beauty years ago in a Southern Living magazine issue in an advertisement.  I remember showing the picture to my aunt and my mom and we oooo’ed and ahhhhh’ed and wondered how in the world we’d EVER get our hands on it.  Then came along the internet and it wasn’t hard to find at all!  So last week I called a really nice lady at the Amon Carter Museum and she fixed me right up with this little creamer. AND….it was on SALE!!  Can you believe it?  I mean, this was meant to be!  It was  a sign that I had to have it.

BTW…it’s a reproduction from the Amon Carter family’s farm dinnerware first made in 1923.  Imagine…your own china pattern!  And they have the same fantastic taste as me!! *snort*  Who KNEW?!!! Yeah, it’s a bit indulgent.  Lord knows I have enough china and misc. dishes to supply half of Texas. 

It’s my one weakness, to quote a famous lady!!  We all have a weakness…right?!

So I’m sharing my pretty creamer and will follow-up with more bluebonnet finds in a post down the road a piece.

NOTE: One of my Central Texas correspondents reports that the bluebonnets are up at her place but they’re still small.  More rain is coming to jack them up though.  Another source from Austin says the Lady Bird Wildlife Center is predicting a bumper crop this spring!!!!  More on that front later…..

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17 Responses to Don’t mind if I do

  1. Teuchter says:

    Oh come ON, TH!!! I know for a FACT that you have more than one weakness and it has nothing to do with china, unless it looks like this!!!!!!!!! 😀 *Giggles*


  2. Teuchter says:

    OOOOPS!! Done it again! Forgot to attach the picture – so here goes!


  3. heartfelt4 says:

    The creamer is so pretty! Did the plate come with it? I don’t suppose this little pitcher will be relegated to the collection shelf any time soon? It must be broken in, and often!


  4. Myna says:

    We are having a few bluebonnets coming up around here. Bonita and I were out at the cemetery the other day ” digging up family bones!” aka genealogy and she noticed some coming up.


  5. The Queen says:

    Nope. That’s an old game platter I found in an antique store years ago. It’s taken front and center on my dining room table!!


  6. servetus says:

    I’m a bit of a china buff myself. Is there a picture of the whole service anywhere?


  7. The Queen says:

    I’ve not found one pic of the entire service, so far, anywhere on the internet. Somewhere, in my pile of old Southern Living magazines, there is one tho. However, if you click on any of the links below, you’ll see one piece at a time. The only pieces I didn’t find were the cups and saucers..also soup bowls. Can’t remember if those pieces were included in the SL ad or not. The china is on sale now and they were VERY prompt in mailing the creamer to me. Having seen the creamer, I’ve determined that it is of good quality and I adore the design….as I did years ago when I first locked my eyes on the SL ad!!

    I’m thinking I may order some of the dinner plates and mix them w/m existing china patterns rather than order a set of 8?


    • servetus says:

      Thanks a lot, those are good prices. Really pretty!

      The notions of taste I was taught about porcelain while living in Germany dictated that it was slavish and petty bourgeois (i.e., bad) to have a service in which every single piece matched. So yeah, interspersing is definitely the way to go. I have a lot of blue on white, and I figure as long as the blues don’t clash it’s fine to mix different patterns, or with plain white or solid blue plates, for example.


  8. The Queen says:

    Plenty of the blue and white thing going on here too! this pattern! have just a few of this pattern but love using when grands are here..there’s a pic, cow, lamb and chicken plate so they fight over who gets which found this years ago in Country Living but this isn’t it exactly. Mine doesn’t have the black rim. I used this for our hunters meals and now for family get-togethers.

    and then I have the old pattern, Weatherly by is our wedding china. Still love it’s plainess….cream w/platinum edging.

    If I ever bought anything NOT blue, my family would think I’d gone over the edge. Also have several pieces of blue saltglaze and flow blue. Argggh. I have this other one weakness. Ok several.


  9. servetus says:

    oh, and I love that Arento blue. That would be nice against blue/white.


  10. The Queen says:

    The blue granite (wish I knew who made it but there are no markings. Weird?!) does work well with my other dishes.

    Putting Copenhagen on my To Go To list! You obviously have a weakness for their china?! I like the subtlty of the patterns that you have.

    Whoa! The Flora Danica…gotta git me some of that! Probably not.


    • servetus says:

      I really like the handpainted stuff, when you look at it closely you can see the individual variations in the pieces. Other favorite makers are Meissen and Herend, I have some Meissen teacups / saucers and some Herend vases.

      even if you buy Flora Danica used you still end up at hundreds of dollars per plate. I am not at the stage in life where I could break a piece of that and not want to use the jagged edges on myself afterwards …


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