Drum roll please!

World meet Miz Fluffy Ann, the baby calf from Wisconsin! photo by DairyCarrie

I WON A CONTEST!!!  No, I’m not expecting $$$$ or a car or a trip to Hawaii. But maybe a Wisconsin product??!

 I have a new blog friend, Dairy Carrie.  She’s a cool lady from Wisconsin who helped send hay to drought striken farms in Oklahoma and Texas  last fall and helps her husband run their dairy.  If I get the story right, she also thinks her farm animals are all pets and enjoys throwing birthday parties for them.  How quaint!! According to her hubby, she rocks knee boots and has found new uses for Simple Green…the Martha Stewart of the Dairy Crowd! 

Anyway, she came home from an auction last week with a brand spankin’ new baby calf who desperately needed a name.  So Carrie opened up a contest at her blog for calf names and guess who won???!!!  Just one guess!  Yesssssssss!!  I won!  With what, I might say ever so humbly, was a very appropriate and descriptive name.  Fluffy.  Yep, Fluffy it was and Fluffy it is. 

So here’s a pic of Fluffy…actually, I call her Fluffy Ann.  After me.  Naturally.  Did you expect Fluffy Lynn or Fluffy Betty?   In some parts I’m know as FluffyHeifer but we can talk about that later.  Anyway, my baby Fluffy Ann is gorgeous and I’m expecting pictures, Miz Carrie! especially of her first birthday party! 😀

Oh, and I get some genuine Wisconsin cheese out of the deal!!!  I thought I heard something about wine too, but I might have been dreaming?! 😉

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6 Responses to Drum roll please!

  1. DairyCarrie says:

    Love it! I think your cheese should be there today or tomorrow. I hope you love it!


  2. bccmee says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved win! 😀 She’s a beautiful calf, and a worthy namesake.


  3. The Queen says:

    She IS pretty huh!!? And I’d like to thank The Academy and all y’all little people….:D


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