One quart of winter, please?!

Disclaimer: I am NOT pining for a blizzard or have a sudden desire to get out that sled and go for a spin.  I’m officially READY for spring.  Heck, my green thumb is twitching as I type.

Mini winter trees

The other day I was cruising through some pretty neat blogs that I had stumbled upon…you know those BlogRolls that you’re always seeing?  If you’ll take a few minutes and click on those, you can find all sorts of fun stuff.  Anyway, I was doing just that and found My Cousin is a Vegan.  The blog title made me laugh! I kept expecting the other shoe to drop…My Cousin is a Vegan and we don’t claim her.  Or something like that.  Turns out, the cousin is really a nice person in spite of her vegan tendencies!  😉

The post that really interested me was this one, because quart jars were used in her project.  I commented about a use I had found for quart jars beyond the usual green beans, blackberry jam, picante´ sauce…actually I have a collection of quart jars that started when my father-in-law would go to auctions and bring back boxloads of old blueish-green jars. Really old ones! And yes, I am very easy to please.  Especially if it’s old stuff. 

Anyway, I told her, the blogger, that I’d send a pic of my quart jar as I was pretty sure my description lacked a bit! I can’t take credit for dreaming this up on my own, although I did figure out how to do it.  Country Living magazine showed these jars in their 2011 Christmas issue. I intended to do a post on them and well….next thing I knew, it was January.  Make that nearly March.

This is a cheap and easy project that is child-friendly so it would make a great rainy-day craft for bored kids!!

Click the pic to enlarge...but don't tell me if you see any dust bunnies, ok?

Winter in a Jar

1 glass Ball or Mason wide mouth quart jar (I used a pint also using tinier trees…any size will work)

Wide mouth Lids and ring-I used the new silver ones

Large bottle/jar of glitter, fake snow…there are lots of media to use for this at Hobby Lobby or the like.  I used white glitter but silver would be good too. Or whatever suits your fancy!

Craft glue or glue gun

Tiny strands of tinsel…my fav are mini balls strung, silver, green..whatever.

Small stars for the top of the trees (you’ll find most of the mini products in the doll house section.  I even found tiny deer that fit perfectly on to the jar lid alongside the tree)

Bottle brush trees with a wood base…all sizes at the craft store, usually come in small packets.  Just be sure your tree will fit thru the neck of the jar.

Decorate your bottle brush tree first, by glueing on tinsel, balls.  (Next round, I’m going to pile glue on the tips of the trees and roll them in the glitter or fake snow.)  Let dry a few minutes.

Take the lid part…not the ring…and on the underside of the lid, glue the base your decorated tree. Let dry at least 30 minutes…sooner if you’re using a glue gun. 

While your tree dries, dump a cup or so of glitter into the jar. 

With jar upright (please don’t try turning the jar upside down for this part!!! 😀 ), place lid on top (the tree will now be upside down) and screw on the ring part.  Tight.  REALLY tight especially if there are any little curtain climbers running around who might accidentally UNscrew the jar lid.  A cup of glitter doesn’t blend in well with carpet and can be spread throughout the house!

You may now turn the jar upside down now!!  Voila!!! Instant snow storm and you don’t have to shovel a thing.  Unless, of course, you skipped the part about screwing the ring on tight.  In that case, you’re on your own….

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4 Responses to One quart of winter, please?!

  1. Jodi says:

    Great idea! This looks like the perfect thing for next year around Christmas time. Isn’t that the cutest little tree ever?! I am going to pin it on Pinterest and also give you a shout out on Facebook. Glad you got a kick out of the blog name!


  2. The Queen says:

    Sometimes I wish those great Christmas ideas would hit the waves around June, so I’d have plenty of time for lots of projects! Who am I kidding. I’d still wait till Dec. 20 to start working on them! Thanks sharing my teensy trees…could you send me the Pinterest link at some point? I just found them about a month ago and am not very familiar with it yet!


  3. Dianne Blair says:

    This is a cute project, Debbie, and I’m a vegan right now. Drs. orders but I am eating fish about once a week. So go easy on the vegan jokes. 🙂


  4. The Queen says:

    Oh no! BUMMER!!!!!! It’ll be hard but I try to be nice to you poor vegans. Hope you’re ok tho! And thanks, btw. 😀


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