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Lake Bluebonnet

Finally got this working!  My daddy’s kin are buried here, including my grandparent and greats. Beautiful but you must step lively…rattlers abound! Yikes! My mom is caretaker of this little cemetary. Everyone says this is a banner year for the … Continue reading

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Deep in the heart of…

Well, you know.  Still can’t upload pics or don’t know how to get them from camera to phone. Anyway, for those of you who may be hitting the road this weekend to hunt bluebonnets, get off the beaten paths! The … Continue reading

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On the scene report

Coming to you live from Bluebonnet Heaven…unbelievable blooms this year! The Brady-Mason area was great but it just became an ocean of blue in the Fredricksburg, Llano, San Saba area! Wow! Pics coming soon. I don’t think I’ ve ever … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Sunday

The birthday girl was thrilled with her cake.  My kitchen is still in the process of clean up due to the fact that I’m trying to get things ready so I can leave for Texas tomorrow!  Yep, I’ll get to … Continue reading

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A real quick note:

No time for blogging today, but I did want to get the latest bluebonnet pic from Central Texas up!  Once again, our correspondent Suz has come through with photos!!!  What a gal!  She took these photos close to her house.  Next week … Continue reading

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A day in the life

I was up early this AM and not by design.  I got a horrible leg cramp around 4:30 and hit the floor running/limping…whatever. Obviously, I didn’t drink enough water. I tried going back to sleep. After all, it was just … Continue reading

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The Saga Continues

Now I need to call my chiropracter, my massage lady, the drugstore and my hair stylist. My neck hurts. My back hurts. I need pain killers. I’ve pulled my hair out. Oh. And if Baptists had confessionals, I’d be camped … Continue reading

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The whole world is waiting

for the little blue posies to do their thing.  And it’s happening.  This is how Jeep Collins headed up today’s post! It was 2010 when our beautiful Texas Bluebonnets last graced our countryside. But I am happy to announce that … Continue reading

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Good day, Bad day aka Ramblings at the Ruff Farm

  But the good always wins!  Right?  Please say right.  Woke up to wet porches after BB and I toured wheat fields the day before.  His exact words were, “That wheat needs a good rain.”  Depending on how you define … Continue reading

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Hobbit Bracelet Winner

Sorry for the delay on the drawing results.  I was ready to post when a possible hitch bounced into my Twitter account but all is well, so I can proceed. Drum roll please, as we institute the highly technical and … Continue reading

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