I love my Postlady!!

Happy Note: I’ve got THE BEST Postlady in the world.  Not only does she bring wonderful things right to my door, but she has the nicest smile!  Thanks!!! 

So, while I was frying an egg for grandson #5 this morning, she brought me a package from Wisconsin!!  YESSSS!  My prize arrived already!  Inside was ….well, a pic tells the story…

Wisconsin hits a home run!
Inside was:
Sartori insulated bag
Cheese Curds, fresh from the cheesemaker! Oh yum, how I love these!
Espresso BellaVitano Cheese by Sartori, cheese hand-rubbed w/ground, roasted coffee!!  YESSSS!
Juustalepia-translates to “bread cheese” in Finland and Sweden, made by Brunkow. The label says it’s “baked to form a tasty crust similar to toasted bread”. It also suggests dipping the cheese into your coffee, which I did very promptly! DairyCarrie says her fav way to eat it is “warmed up on a Ritz cracker accompanied by apple butter or cherry preserves”.  I’m thinking blackberry jam might be JUST the thing?!
Smokehaus Blue Cheese, Applewoood Smoked, made by Salemville, which, BTW, has a fantastic website!  This is the only one I haven’t sampled yet.  Saving it for a spinach strawberry salad.  😀
Thanks Carrie!  You’re the BEST!!
PS  DairyCarrie sent me a photo of Fluffy Ann today… 😀 She’s growing up soooo fast.

"She decided to go for takeout instead of delivery to her hutch. She was intent in nursing me so this was the best photo I could get of her little field trip."

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4 Responses to I love my Postlady!!

  1. bccmee says:

    Smile and say “Cheese!”


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