Upcoming Posts (so I don’t forget!)

I’ve got MANY posts started, a few finished and a couple are done all but the shoutin’.  Just finished reading Gisborne: Book of Pawns by Prue Batten, so a review will be coming on that.  I have to say right now though….I LOVED IT!!!!!!! 

OK, so brace yourself and I’m giving you fair warning.  Be prepared to jump in and tell me what You Really Think when I get these up on the blog.  Don’t just sit there with your teeth in your mouth!  I know you have an opinion! 😀 

Bill, the Basketmaker, Poet and Storyteller—ChristyFest related

Big Boss Projects–farm stuff!

Bluebonnets–updates on the upcoming bloom and bluebonnet related items

Recipes–next up is Impossible Coconut Pie

hmmm, I’m thinking it’s time to admit a minor fascination with Colin Firth.  Maybe not. 😀

Katy Keene, the Queen of Paper Dolls

Me and Tot–adventures of a couple of country girls

Hobbit stuff

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One Response to Upcoming Posts (so I don’t forget!)

  1. mesmered says:

    THANK YOU, nb!!!!!


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