WHO can tell me what this is?!!!

Or at least where to possibly find the answer?  I’ve looked under Granite…Graniteware…Blue…Cream bucket…Milk bucket…Slop bucket…nothing, nada, zip. In white lettering on the bottom of the can or whatever it is reads, “DIANA” with “20” below that.

I found two cans like this in a junk store in Texas thinking they would make great flower pots/holders.  And they do, but no one seems to know what their intended use was, including the store owner.  The lid has a circle of holes punched in it with the 2 handles.  Making me crazy/ier!!!

If you can ID this along with a link (or 2) to qualify it, I’ll send you a jar of my jam..your choice…blackberry, apricot, peach or strawberry!  First person with the answer wins!  I really really REALLY would like to be answer all of my friends questions, “Ooooo pretty!  What is it?!”.

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7 Responses to WHO can tell me what this is?!!!

  1. John Smith says:

    Ash bucket…


  2. The Queen says:

    Wasn’t sure at first but found the same item at eBay with additional pics. Sure nuff, it looks the same so WE HAVE A WINNER! Phylly3 gets the grand prize!

    I’ve been searching for this forever, Phylly. What search terms did you use?

    Thank you for your help! Do you still have my email addy? If not, let me know and I’ll post it so I can send you your jam!!

    Here’s the link at eBay:



  3. phylly3 says:

    I had to re-do my search strings to remember how I got there. It was kind of organic — certain pages led me to other ones.and I had to add and discard certain key words until I found something that looked similar. It was most helpful to do an image search. It took me about 20 minutes of detective work to get this string of keywords: vintage blue granite ware container (and it won’t work if I use graniteware as one word). The picture was about 27 rows down in the middle of the page. It looked right so I clicked on it and got that page!
    Glad I could put my library reference training to use! I just love ferreting out information on the internet!
    I would love to have your homemade jam – either the peach or blackberry would be fantastic! I will reply to your email with my address. Thank you so much!!


  4. The Queen says:

    ahhh, I’ll bet my problem was the graniteware term. But I did use “enamel” also. I tried “old”, “antique”, “vintage” combined w/several of the words. You are GOOD woman!!


  5. CDoart says:

    Just one addition and I am not entirely sure if it is right for this special container.
    Grain in my opinion would rott in this bucket, as the lower part would not get air, so a cloth sack would normally be used to store grain.
    I know such kind of enameld containers to be formerly used on farms, before the industrial preparation of milk. They were used to store fresh milk, to let the cream settle on top of the milk. It needs the air to breath. The fat and cream was removed from the top and the milk was used afterwards.
    So my suggestion for the use of these containers would be as such a milk container.


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