Bluebonnet news flash…

The first bluebonnets to bloom for the 2012 season!

with thanks to KVUE in Austin for photo and links

The first blooms are being sighted in the Austin area as posted by Dianne, our BBB correspondent in an undisclosed part of the city.  While no first hand reports are available, the included link seems to be reliable.  The tension mounts as thousands of Texans statewide are gearing up for the 2012 BlueBonnet Bloom.  Cameras are at the ready with fresh batteries and zoom lens are rumored to be flying out of the electronics departments in larger stores. 

And onslaught of BBBer’s are expected to hit the Hill Country area with the same high expectancies of past year, although with the light crops of bluebonnets the past several years, this year’s crops promise high yields in bloom and BBBers. The oft heard battle cry of experienced BBBers, “Hey y’all!  Lookie over yonder!” will resound throughout the hills as each BBBer will try to outdo the others in his/her group who are trying to spot the best fields of bluebonnets first! 

Be warned though….let no bluebonnet be trampled, disturbed, uprooted or torn asunder.  We WILL be watching!  Just sayin’.

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