You’ve been there. You have a great idea. You’ve been challenged to try something new.  Just learn a new craft/technique.  They said it was easy. You watched the tutorials. You read their books.  You even enticed an unwitting teacher to teach you.  In an hour. 

This is after I cleaned up a bit. You don't want to know how it looked before.

Surely, you can do this thing.  You’ve sewn loads and made quilt tops before.  And embroidered and crocheted and knitted…ok the crochet and knitting thing is pushing it.  I can crochet lop-sided potholders but the knitting was so long ago…well, never mind.  I’m pretty sure all I got out of that was more lop-sided potholders. But I breezed through my stenciling days, calligraphy was second nature and making gumpaste babies, fish and roses is like falling off a log.  It just follows that THIS project should be a breeze??!

I’ve quilted with my mother, my grandmother and great-grandmother.  They didn’t ban me from the quilting room so I must’ve not been THAT bad.  Remember the quilting frames that hung from the ceiling?  I think my great-grandmother’s had a pulley system of some sort because it would be there, then it would disappear into being part of the ceiling.  And the sweet iced tea ran freely on those hot summer afternoons when all of those grandmas and aunts told their stories and laughed a lot. But the quilting thing didn’t rub off on me.  Oh, I’ve quilted some small projects but never a whole quilt.  And I quilted by hand, not one of those computer fed quilt machines.  My mom still quilts but she uses a small hoop stand that doesn’t take up an entire room. 

So, when I found a website that had some interesting projects going on, I thought to myself, “I can do that!” #whatwasIhinking!  Let me just say, if I have a hair left on my head when and IF I get this project done, it will truly be a miracle.  For every stitch I’ve taken, I’ve ripped out a hundred.  Not exaggerating an iota.  I’ve cut up every piece of material that I bought for the project.  Not much of it left so this last attempt had BETTER pass the muster.  My house looks like a small tornado tore thru then turned around and played it again Sam.  If BB comes in from feeding the cattle with no food to eat again, I could be in serious trouble.  No, actually, he’d just fry up a whole pan of sausage and make that do. If there’s any left over and I’m hungry enough, I’ll grab some for my breakfast/lunch/supper.  I may or may not have clean clothes to wear today and I may or may not be able to find the sewing machine after all the “trial” squares.

In case you’re wondering, all of this ranting is due to attempting to paper piece a quilt square.  I WILL do this thing.   If it’s the LAST thing I ever do.  I know that somewhere in my DNA there is a strand that is pushing me upward and onward to make a decent quilt square using this technique. I have, after all, quilter’s blood running through my veins.  It’s supposed to be easy peesy and by gosh, it had BETTER BE!!! 

Now, I’m headed for the basement/sewing room/sewing machine/ total chaos.  If I don’t surface by tomorrow with one completed block, call the cops. Just one block.  That’s all I ask.

More next week…and yes, it could take me that long to do this blasted block!  😀


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2 Responses to #whatwasIthinking

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    Go, Queenie, go! You can do it! I know how creative you are! A renaissance woman, if I ever saw one! I HAVE seen one (Heidi); and you are equally gifted as she is. Just make a cup of tea, read your bible and ask for help! It will happen! Love ya! xxx


    • The Queen says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, HF. Not sure the Lord made me to be a paper piecer. I’ve got 2 blocks and..one took almost 2 days, the other one 1 day. Perchance I’m making this harder than it should be.


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