Ag Week Serenade



Can you think of any better way of observing National Ag Week than with that patriotic serenade by Rae Grelliner from Okarche, OK?! She’s a high school sophomore, plays on the Lady Warriors basketball team, participates in FFA….(for my city cousins, that’s Future Farmers of America) AND she plays with the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra and the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. Impressive young lady!! A friend posted this on FB after having heard Rae play at the opening of their high school ballgames. She says this gal is one great kid.

And of course, having a soft spot for girl’s basketball, music and patriotic kids, I HAD to post this!

Ag fact for the Day-

Not only do farmers plant trees and brush for help conserve the soil, but this wildlife cover provides habitats for wildlife.  The prairie chicken has made  a comeback from near extinction in the last 20 years and turkey population is increasing by leaps and bounds!  When we first came to KS in 1978, turkeys were almost non=existant.  I looked out of my living room window one afternoon and stopped counting turkeys at 90!! And if you’ve never eaten wild turkey, you have missed out on a real treat, especially smoked turkey!!  I’ll even share my recipe later.

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