Success at last!

I wrote a post a while back about our church kids singing but didn’t have my phone with me.  A month or so later, they were singing again BUT this time I had my phone and was ready.  Yay me!! Only one thing tho… I couldn’t get the consarned thing to download.  I tried sending it to my email addy. Then I tried sending it straight to youtube.  No luck.  So today, I’m out taking pics of my apricot tree and came in to download those.  All of a sudden, I wonder if maybe I’ll just try downloading the vid again to my email.  No luck.  SIGH!  Maybe youtube?  Eureka!!  Finally.  Only thing is…it was there all the time.  Don’t ask me how or  when it got there cause I DON’T KNOW!  Plain and simple.  These blessed gadgets will be the death of me yet!

BTW, 6 out of the 10 are ours!  😀 And yes, that’s braggin’.  I’ve earned my braggin’ rights.

Anyway, got it so here ya go.

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7 Responses to Success at last!

  1. Teuchter says:

    How precious is that!!! There is something very special about watching kids sing, especially the younger ones! 😀 BTW you have every reason to brag!! It’s a Grandma’s or in your case, a Meemaw’s right to do so!! I think I was able to recognize most of those who belong to you although maybe not by name!! 🙂


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    LOL….so cute. Still smiling from it. Think you have a choir director in the littlest blonde! And BRAG away!


  3. servetus says:

    Aaaaw. Almost makes me want one.


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