Children’s Lit…No, we’re not in college again!


Scared you didn’t I? Coffee hasn’t kicked in and it’s nearly 9:30 so I’m a bit slaphappy.  Maybe it won’t kick in today…

I was visiting with our pastor’s wife Sunday with my overloaded book bag in tow that was really HEAVY and I mentioned that as a new (well not new but newer than me!) granny, she might want tune it to my blog this week for my offering of Kids Books for Every Granny. There was an ulterior motive in this whole thing though…I want your ideas too.  Then I’ll make a masterlist.  This all came about when I was cleaning out a drawer and found my old college book list.  You know the one…the required reading one?!  I may frame it!

I’ve got links included to Amazon pages on some of these.  You can flip through some of the books to get a feel for the books.

Anything Mary Englebreit. I mean anything.  I adore her illustrations of the old tried and true children’s stories and my grands are mesmerized by them!  There are just so much to look at…we play games of “what do you see?” and ” can you find”. She has several books out, two of which are:

photo from Amazon

photo from Amazon


Anything by Richard Scarry will entertain little ones for hours!  Really!  This particular book got our youngest son through church many times.


Jan Brett’s books are magnificently illustrated, with some  retold stories, such Beauty and the Beast and some based on old folk tales, like The Gingerbread Man and some of her own, Honey…Honey…Lion.   With her artistry, I want them all but this The Night Before Christmas is a  MUSTHAVE!

Those are some my Tried and True read-out-loud books. The kind where you start reading to one child and you end up with a whole lap full! 

The   books below make great gifts for children…some to read themselves when they get older and some can be read aloud, maybe a chapter a night. 

And of course, no library in the MidWest is complete without the Little House books, by Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Everyone should have Louisa Mae Alcott’s  Little Women and Little Men on their shelves.

Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and his collection of poems, Now We Are Six is beyond excellent!

Heidi was one of my first books and resides on a  special shelf, along with Lassie Come Home and Pollyanna.  And Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!

The eternal classic The Wizard of Oz still fascinates my grandchildren.

And just for fun for the little girls…Fancy Nancy, by Jane O’Connor!  Love that girl and so do my granddaughters.  We have FN paper dolls, real dolls, even FN cakes!!  And one day after we read FN goes to the spa, my little girls decided to treat me to a Day at Their Spa, complete with Cheese-Its and grape juice subbing in for a tea party menu AND paper cucumbers that they drew, colored and cut out to put on my tired, saggy eyes.  Of course, we all had our feather boas and faux diamonds on.  The spa event ended with their version of an “exquisite” (that’s fancy talk for wonderful) hair do!

You MUST have Ruth Bell Graham’s One Wintry Night as the illustrations are stellar with a fresh retelling of the Christmas story! 


 One suggestion I might make for all you grannys out there.  Make a list of books that you buy and give to your grandchildren.  That way you don’t have to be calling their moms constantly to see if they have a particular book because you can’t remember if you’ve already given them that book…or was it the other family of grands?  Ask me how I know.’s your turn!  What are some of your favorite kid’s books?

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9 Responses to Children’s Lit…No, we’re not in college again!

  1. servetus says:

    You don’t specify an age range, but it looks like you’re looking for a younger audience? If so,

    Strega Nona series

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and other books by Eric Carle)

    Frog and Toad are Friends

    Good Night Moon

    Harold and the Purple Crayon

    the Clifford the Big Red Dog books

    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

    The Gruffalo

    Robert Louis Stevenson, A Child’s Garden of Verse

    Katy and the Big Snow

    Ferdinand the Bull

    Eloise books

    I have different suggestions for other ages. Oh, I should have been a children’s librarian!


    • The Queen says:

      Yeah, mine are all under 10 years old, so I that’s what I go for right now! Thanks for the great additions!!!! Totally forgot A Child’s Garden of Verse!! Strega Nona series is new to me… must check them out!

      I think I too am a frustrated child’s librarian. Right now, I can totally smell the library that I haunted as a child. Is that weird? Loved that place!!


  2. servetus says:

    My mom read us those RLS poems so often that I still have many of them memorized. “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me …”


  3. Melinda says:

    The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf as told to Jon Scieszka
    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    Animalia by Graeme Base–Beautiful illustrations! Alphabet book/Can you find….
    (also has iPad app that I can’t wait to share with my kindergarten grandson!)
    Waterhole by Graeme Base–I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks wonderful and it also has an iPad app!

    I’ll have to go upstairs to check the rest of my stash! Since my grandkids’ other grandmother is a former elementary teacher, they have many, many books from her classroom. Therefore, I’ve saved my children’s book collection (many of which were used in JH & HS English classes!) for their visits here. I know we all like the “real” printed books, but I’m looking forward to enticing Kaden to read the Graeme Base books by looking at the iPad app!

    Also, the I See Me! collection that can be personalized with the child’s name have become recent favorites for our twin granddaughters who are soon to be 2 years old!


  4. The Queen says:

    Which is exactly why I’ll be buying a Fire soon! BB loves my Kindle and it’s getting to the point where we want it at the same time. I hesitated to get a Kindle in the first plance because I kept thinking, what good is a book with no pretty pictures?!!! The Fire can solve that little problem! Thanks for the suggestions, Melinda!! ANd how are you feeling these days?


  5. Melinda says:

    I’m doing fine–except on PT days! That guy is putting me through “the wringer,” trying to get my left arm back up to normal. It is happening, just not as quickly as I had hoped. Our travel season with groups has begun, but I am staying in Texas this year (through May), so I do not have to deal with overhead bins on planes, heavy luggage, etc.
    Can you believe I’ve never read the Hobbit series? You have just about convinced me to try them again! Enjoy your blogs! Tell BB hello from Texas!


    • The Queen says:

      Well, it’s just one book and is a pretty easy read, so go for it. I’m on my second re-read right now! It’s fun but the funnest part of The Hobbit are the fans that go along with!! Now get started on that quilt and join the fun?!! OK, maybe not but you can still have fun with us, right?! Glad the arm’s better! I need to contact you about this travel thing…I’ll email! Sounds intriguing!!


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