FanstRA Day 4: The Hobbit..a piece of cake

Glad to see you again!  Hope you’re having fun with FanstRA3!  I know I am! I’m going nuts trying to make the quilt blocks mentioned in my FanstRA Day 2 post !  How are your blocks coming along?  WHAT?!  You haven’t started?  Better hurry if you’re going to have them done by December!!!!  😉 Send me pics too and I’ll post them so everyone can see them!  And maybe I’ll even show you mine…

Remember the bracelet from my Day 2 post?

Well, I have an extra one that I’m going to give away, courtesy of Rose at Foxwise. Just for y’all, she threw in an additional bracelet with my order last week!!  How sweet was that?!

 Just comment on this post before 12:01, March 18, Central Standard  and you’re entered, unless you state otherwise.  I’ll do a draw on names and will anounce the winner  sometime Sunday afternoon.


As some of you know, I, along with many other Tolkien/Hobbit/Lord of the Rings/Armitage/Freeman/Peter Jackson enthusiasts, am anxiously anticipating the December release of The Hobbit.  We are getting video reports from Sir Peter via FaceBook.  Interviews are beginning to flow out of New Zealand, slowly but surely.  The first trailer hit the waves this past December.  Things are looking good.  No, great would be a better word. Shall we watch it just one more time…

Off topic: not that I ever stay totally On Topic, but I just have to say that I canNOT wait for Howard Shore’s soundtrack for The Hobbit!!!

Back on task…It’s been a long road (just following the There and Back Again theme folks!). Filming on The Hobbit was delayed over and over as financial problems and legal issues developed .  Then questions concerning filming location popped up and who the director was going to be.  Sir Peter ended up in the hospital having an emergency surgery.  What seemed like a hopeless project overcame all obstacles, eventually, and filming has been progressing for over a year now.  And still, we wait.  Patiently.  OK, maybe not so patiently.

Meanwhile, the masses are reading and re-reading Tolkien’s classic story about a little guy named Bilbo (Martin Freeman). Gandalf (Ian McKellen),  returns to team up with Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) and twelve dwarves who travel to the Lonely Mountain on a quest.  In 3D. Wow.  Exciting to just think about all of that beautiful scenery in New Zealand, the familiar faces from LofR,  the new faces joining in the ensemble, the gorgeous music and costumes. the CGI…well, maybe not excited about that but really interesting how they do all that computer generated stuff.

That being said, I found my own little nook in Hobbitworld. Decorating cakes is sort of a hobby of mine…for the last 40 or so years.  Knowing that,  a friend sent me the below photo about a year ago and I’ve since found it at Cake Wrecks…seems that Jen and John are Hobbit/Tolkien freaks too! (There is comfort in group insanity!!)

Is this a great cake or WHAT?!!!

Hobbit cake by Rebecca as featured at CakeWrecks

My challenge, therefore, is to do a Hobbit cake. I’m itchin’ to get started.  I just need an excuse!  Not sure which of the grands will succumb to my “suggestion” that surely they would LOVE to have a hobbit cake…errr, but then I’m not sure they even know what a hobbit is.  Note to self: rectify that  quickly by giving each a copy of the book.  Maybe I’ll get to do one this year?  Maybe I’ll just do one for MY birthday!  😉  Now there’s an idea!

Top view of Rebecca’s cake.Notice the detailed “runes”. Unbelievable perfection

Rebecca’s round cake had a different design on each side of the cake including a design on top of the cake…all Hobbit related.  It was made in 2010 probably on the inspiration of LofR? But she did an outstanding job on this cake.  It would be hard to top it!  Oooo, but I could try a Hobbit gingerbread house?  Or a Hobbit village?  Somebody slap me.

Click on the photos for more views of other Hobbity cakes at Cake Central.

Maria Campos

“Smaug” by Maria Campos at Cake Central

Gandalf at the Door Cake by Christina222 at Cake Central

And if you’re into “creepy”, this cake definitely fulfills the definition to perfection!  It’s extremely well done but totally creeps me out. A lot.

“Gollum” by crustymuffin at Cake Central

For those wedding planners out there who are being bombarded with “Tolkien” themed wedding/cakes,  here ya go!

“Lord of the Rings” cake by Shukalata at Cake Central

   And if you’re going for the WOW factor for your next party, this could be the ticket!  This is just flat out amazing!

“The Lord of the Rings Cake” by stebnickij at Flickr

Are you a ‘Book” purist?  Well then, here’s a Totally Tolkien creation just for you!

“Lord of the Rings Trilogy Book cake by sylly at Cake Central

Not a Hobbit cake, from my stash

To conclude;  a slightly off topic cake but very RAish?… Stick Figure John Thornton runs off with his bride. REALLY?!!  Well, sorta..!

and if you’re really bored, go here for more meemawof10 cakes.


All FanstRAvaganza3 links can be found here, including the Fandom, the Hobbit, the Fanfic, the King Richard III and the Freeform strands with all daily posts in all strands…kind of our Table of Contents!

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Tomorrow, THE HOBBIT tagteam continues at Ana Cris and Mrs. E.B. Darcy.

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35 Responses to FanstRA Day 4: The Hobbit..a piece of cake

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  2. Elaine says:

    Isn’t Rebecca’s cake lovely! The detail is simply amazing.



  3. itsjsforme says:

    Wonderful!!! The details are fantastic. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time and patience required!


  4. servetus says:

    Wow. That one by stebnickij is just amazing. I am impressed by how much work people put into something that will be cut up and eaten … I’m glad they preserve their work in pictures!


    • The Queen says:

      I sometimes wonder how whacked out us decorators are…I mean really…but it IS fun to see if you can really do this or that. Yeah, on the pics thing. One of my friends here is a pro and I have her on standby. A lot!


  5. jasrangoon says:

    I am such a sucker for Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks, so this post has been one of my favorite F3 posts so far! I’m always amazed at the talent that goes into making such beautiful art out of edibles. Your Stick Figure Richard cake is adorable.


    • The Queen says:

      I’m telling you, my husband thinks I’ve lost it. Everytime he comes in, I can’t talk because I’m laughing at CakeWrecks latest. Holy cow, did you see the one about…oh there are so many. Think I’ll just mosey on over there for a giggle or 2. And thanks. I hesitated putting that up next to “REAL” decorators but SFR was just too cute to ignore. And I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.


  6. gracie says:

    Oh my….you can’t eat that. It is like art. Wow, is all I can say.


  7. Hi Queenie,
    These cake designs are so inspiring!
    I haven’t had dinner yet–and it’s 9:30pm. I think I’m on the F3 diet–blog reading rather than eating–as I commented on another post that had food in it. But now I really need to go eat something. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->


  8. Those cakes are amazing. Thanks for sharing


    • The Queen says:

      Mrs. Darcy…everytime I type that, I think of Mr. Firth….sorry, where was I? oh…glad you enjoyed them. I really DO want to do something Hobbitish. You never know when Sir Peter might call tho…:D


  9. bccmee says:

    Let’s make a cake that Thorin can pop out of!


  10. The Queen says:

    Oooo I like that plural “Let’s”!!! You’re gonna help?! Yay, I can use all the help I can get. Not sure I want Thorin popping out my cake tho…thinking he might need a hairnet…and a beardnet…and a net for all animal hair that’s hanging out around his neck….ewwwwww.


  11. Beverly says:

    Fun post. And you have a fun blog, too. I love cake wrecks.


  12. Carrots says:

    What fantastic cakes! (And what a perfect bracelet…)


  13. Mulubinba says:

    I absolutely love the book cake …. but they are all amazing! Thanks for posting.
    BTW: I also enjoyed the introduction to your post. These movies have hit a lot of hurdles in pre-production. I’ve been following the progress since 2008. Only 8 months to go now 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      There were several book cakes but I thought this one was extremely well executed! Wow, I’m a late comer comparted to you!!! But YES, just a few more months and NYC, here I come! Hopefully…


  14. Ana Cris says:

    Cake, cake, I want a beautiful Hobbit cake!
    Ana Cris


  15. lucylou says:

    What absolutely amazing cakes and they would take hours if not days to do. My favourite would be The Lord of the Rings one. After creating something like these to see it eaten would be heartbreaking for some. Now craving something sweet.


  16. The Queen says:

    Yeah, days would be the best time frame for all of these cakes..the designing phase, then making the elements one step at a time (they have to have time to dry and set up so you can handle them), then the actual cake baking (my most unfun part of the process), then leveling, trimmimg, filling, base coating, stacking, more leveling…and then you finally get to do some REAL creating and put it all together. Sheesh. Makes me tired just thinking about all of that. Remind me again why I do this? 😀 Must get inspired tho as April is a big month of cakes here, beginning with grand #5’s March birthday.

    Hope you got that something sweet!!!


  17. fitzg says:

    In homage in Her Majesty (and all the decorators) I cannot decide on a favourite cake! Thay are indeed, works of art. Don’t let the Dwarves at them! Save something for us, please. WE eat with forks…


  18. vec170203 says:

    Oh, my, those cakes are masterpieces… I want one for my birthday, with the design of the western Gates of Moria, chocolate and coffee….
    Hmm, Now I must go and buy something sweet…


  19. phoebe says:

    Who would imagine the cakes would be elevated to such an art form maybe in the reign of Louis XIV but in modern times and often by hobbiest? I am really amazed!

    I really inspired me so that I think I’ll pull out the box and light the oven!

    Thanks for sharing the Hobbit cakes and I know we all look forward to seeing your creation!


    • The Queen says:

      Don’t forget to add the eggs!! LOL!! You’re welcome and so far I haven’t talked anyone into a Hobbit cake. DiL just emailed grand’s pick of birthday cake…not Hobbity at all. Bowser, whoever that is. Mario Bros. character I THINK?!


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