Slowly but Surely

Quick update on the Bluebonnet bloom:

March 12, 2012 photo by Suzann Coffey

From Central Texas, Suz says, “not much change”  However her pic shows thicker foliage and height gains.

 Come on little plants. We know you can do it

Incoming from Austin area: Dianne was out and about again this week and reports blooms are blooming 😉 and gaining steadily.  Haven’t asked if Indian Paintbrush is showing its colors.  Must remember that. 

The below pics are thanks to Dianne. She took them in the Pedernales State Park March 12, 2012. 

Dianne also says:

OK, here’s the skinny. My sister drove in on 281 and 183 from Weatherford on Tuesday with no bluebonnet sightings. When we shopped the vintage stores in Austin on Wednesday, there were bluebonnets beginning to bloom on Mopac (Queen Notes:Mopac=Austin freeway. Huge. Avoid at all costs us country gals get a tick nervous on this one folks!). Today, we went to Pedernales State Park, and saw a few blooming clumps. I’m uploading the pictures that I took along the road into the park. You can tell that the blooming is just beginning. I’ll take a trip to Fredericksburg soon and send you pictures from there.

And now a guided tour of Pedernales State Park!


Check HERE for Texas area updates on the Bloom!

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