Hobbit Bracelet Winner

Sorry for the delay on the drawing results.  I was ready to post when a possible hitch bounced into my Twitter account but all is well, so I can proceed.

Drum roll please, as we institute the highly technical and time-proven method of chosing a winner!

#4 and #5 Grands drawing a name


Isn't this a great bracelet? It's residing on my dusty, piled-up desk until I can send it on its way to...



Of Me, My Thoughts, and Who Knows!!  Send me your snail mail addy at dakruff@yahoo.com and I’ll get it mailed today!!  And thanks to everyone for participating.  There will be more drawings to come as The Hobbit draws ever nearer!!!!!

 And if you haven’t checked out Rose’s beautiful jewelry, you should go HERE now!

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7 Responses to Hobbit Bracelet Winner

  1. jasrangoon says:

    With all the fun this week, I had honestly forgotten that you had a drawing for this bracelet. So, imagine my excitement when I got your Tweet!!!! Thanks for the fun this week and the bracelet of course! 🙂


  2. bccmee says:

    Massive congrats, jasrangoon! 😀 Such a fun idea to hold a drawing.


  3. The Queen says:

    Well I think someone should hold a drawing for a ticket to the NYC premiere of The Hobbit. You know…like someone who actually lives there? Just sayin’… 😀


  4. itsjsforme says:

    Grats Jas! Very generous of you, TQ. 🙂


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