Good day, Bad day aka Ramblings at the Ruff Farm

Suzann's latest bluebonnet MUST have a photo to catch interest according to blog experts. So there ya go. And way to go Suz!!


But the good always wins!  Right?  Please say right. 

Woke up to wet porches after BB and I toured wheat fields the day before.  His exact words were, “That wheat needs a good rain.”  Depending on how you define “good”, that=good day

Made apricot cream coffee, made pancakes from last week’s post.  Again. Fed BB and got him on his way to take truck to be fixed.  Read emails, Twitters, Facebook…answered a couple=good day

Wow, got invited to write an article for another blog. We’ll see. =good day

Go to mail box and YEEHAWW, the Hobbit bracelets are HERE!!!  Unwrap them at the house and they are SO cool.  Now to get the drawing done so I can notify the winner.=good day

Go to #1 son’s to take DiL a recipe, grandson a hat from his Paw and have grands aid in bracelet drawing.  Turned into driveway and realized I was leaning slightly to the left.  In fact the whole truck was leaning.  A lot. Jump out to verify what I already know.  Yep, flatter’n a flitter as my Daddy would say.  =bad day

Get drawing done, take pics, call BB w/SOS.  Ho hum.  No I wasn’t in a hurry. At all. He’s on the way to truck repair shop but will call a cowboy to come to my rescue.  Eventually.   DiL says just take our pickup and leave injured truck.  OK, but I told her I’d take the 3 kids w/me as she was shorthanded.  OK!  =good day

Get home, get kids busy, post drawing pics, finish writing post while they snack and play with the FisherPrice barn.  =Good day

Start their lunch as next shift of grands enter so their mom can take #2 grandson to eye doctor.  Yay, we have playmates!!  =good day

“What do you want us to do in the yard?”  REALLY??!!!!!  No  one except these kids EVER ask me that.  So, we pick up fallen branches and cut down branches, haul them off,  pull henbit, hoe henbit, give up on the henbit.  But lots gets done.=good thing

SNACKS!  I just happen to have oatmeal cookies baked Saturday. 

Grandma King's Oatmeal Cookies, from my stash

And coffee.  Coffee…since toddlerhood, these kids are fascinated with coffee, so I make them some decaf hazelnut.  Yes, I shared my hazelnut.  But not with just anybody.  They love my coffee not realizing that it’s mostly milk but who cares.  =good day.

BB walks in from taking yet another truck to the Big City to be repaired.  Again.  Guess what, he says, ” I finally caved in and bought a new feed truck.”  Finally.  It’s about time! =good day

He tells me what it cost. =bad day

Say goodbye Paw.  DiL comes after the first bunch of kids.  She just cooked her last hunter’s lunch and all is well with world.  She was sure I was the only person alive who would understand her delight at no more cooking for 4 or 6 or 15 hunters.  (We love you guys, but it feels good to NOT have to cook for the multitudes every single day.  Just sayin’.) I most certainly understood.  She is now a Free Woman and I totally get that!  =good day

Down to 3 grands now.  What can we do the ask me. Well, take the basketballs outside and bounce them around a while.  OK.  But could we call our Dad and go with him for a while?  Sure.  Dad answers.  Come on, he says.  But not the littlest one.  He doesn’t care anyway.  He’s intent on making certain that I, his granny, printed out the correct cake picture of Bowser??? so I can get his birthday cake just right.  Got it. =good day

Bowser's Castle, thanks to magdasanders at Cake Central

Mommy of remaining 3 grands, comes in w/eye Dr. kid…gotta have glasses=bad day

Nah, the eye Dr. kid is ok with it.  He knew he couldn’t see well and this proves it.=good day

Everyone clears the area after hugs and kisses and off they go and I make a round through my orchard.  Blooms cover the ground from my apricot tree.  =bad day

But….many blooms are still hanging on after that gosh awful wind we had for 3 days straight. =good day

My tree, my stash

Deer are working the rest of the trees over big time, all around the house.  I have NO idea how I’m going to stop them, short of getting a dog.  Not entirely sure that I want to go thru all of that puppy stuff and worrying about what to do with a dog when I have to be gone.  Must ponder this more.

All in all, the good outweighed the bad, as it usually does.  Otherwise, I would’ve just gone back to bed.  Isn’t it weird how grandkids can make everything better?  The sun shines brighter, the yard looks better, the cookie level shrinks…I really didn’t have any huge plans.  Just a little cleaning and I got that done.  But, best of all, I spent the day with 6 grandkids. =good day 

No wait.  That makes it a …


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10 Responses to Good day, Bad day aka Ramblings at the Ruff Farm

  1. Totally uplifting blog to read= good day!


  2. bccmee says:

    Maybe you can set up a sprinkler to scare away the deer. 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      They’d probably ask for some soap! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have my precious trees mowed down by these critters. I’m considering setting up a tent out there.


  3. Nadine says:

    Sounds like a great day on the farm!


  4. heartfelt4 says:

    What a ‘great day’!! You’ve discovered the secret to happiness: adaptability!

    Try ‘Liquid Fence’ deer repellant. It’s all natural and its purpose is to break their habit of visiting your yard. It smells like rotten eggs and is applied to leaves, branches, etc. one a week for a few weeks, then every other week than once a month. By then the deer will be totally fed up with your stinkin’ yard, lol, and visit your sister-in-law’s yard instead. [wink]


    • The Queen says:

      Now WHY didn’t I ask you that question when you were here?! Of course, the nursery/greenhouse/gift shop lady would know the solution. So “Liquid Fence” is the name of the stuff? Hmmm, wonder if I just smeared some cow manure on the leaves would work…


      • heartfelt4 says:

        Queenie, there are several varieties (brands) of this repellant. ‘Liquid Fence’ is the company we happen to deal with and have heard good reports about it. I couldn’t say if straight manure or diluted manure would be harmful to leaf tissue or not. It certainly would pass the sniff test, though, lol! As ‘Liquid Fence’ dries the odor diminishes for humans, but the critters can still detect it. Perhaps manure would linger longer? LF makes repellants for all sorts of critters: dogs/cats, rabbits/deer, woodchucks, snakes,..You name it, they’ll repel it!

        BTW, how does one do emoticons on word-press? Thanks!


        • The Queen says:

          Pretty sure the manure would burn the leaves so if you were to use it, you’d put it around the tree. But even that won’t work. I fertilize the old manure in my garde…they don’t seem to mind the aroma AT ALL. I’m calling my local gardening guy and see if they have the Liquid Fence. Heck, it’s worth a try! Yes, I’m desperate!!! 😛

          About the emoticons…see if this link for a chart will work for you:
 8) 🙄


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