The whole world is waiting

Jeep's bluebonnet pendant

for the little blue posies to do their thing.  And it’s happening.  This is how Jeep Collins headed up today’s post!

It was 2010 when our beautiful Texas Bluebonnets last graced our countryside. But I am happy to announce that they are back! We have a small crop at Jeep Collins and the hope of a bumper crop throughout the Hill Country.

Now is the perfect time to plan your scenic drive. While you are here stop by and see us on Post Oak Road where you will find Bluebonnets and other beautiful handmade jewelry.

Hope to see you soon.

Dana Collins

Bluebonnets from Jeep Collins

 Don’t know Jeep?  He’s one of the foremost silversmiths in the state of Texas.  I found him/his jewelry years ago.  No, I don’t “really” know him.  Just his shop in Fredricksburg.  They love to see me coming although it HAS been a while since I visited.  He specializes in jewelry that features All Things Texas.  Love his stuff!!!  I can remember sitting outside of Jeep’s mom’s retail store where she sold purses.  My mother was crazy about her purses.  They were leather and had jeweled designs all over the front of each one.  They were pretty pricey and Mother found one that had been discounted.  She carried that purse for years!  I had a wooden one and have no idea what happened to it.  These purses were very fashionable back then.  Well, in Texas they were anyway!  And boy could they hold a lot of junk!!!

Collins of Texas purse, photo from Yahoo Images

Avery's Crosslet ring

Another favorite jeweler/designer in the Hill Country area is James Avery.  He works with gold, silver, copper and brass, as does Jeep.  I discovered his jewelry back when we lived in West Texas and still love his work!  Now, he has stores all over Texas, OK, CO, TN, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, NC, Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas City.  He does a lot of sets and one of my favorites pieces is this ring.  I wear it all of the time.  It’s comfy and very unassuming.  Plain.  I like that.

Here’s Avery’s bluebonnet pendant.

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2 Responses to The whole world is waiting

  1. servetus says:

    So that’s who makes those purses!


  2. The Queen says:

    Yep, Jeep’s mom, Enid. He named several jewelry pieces for her. I’m pretty sure Mother sold her Collin’s purses when she moved last year. They went FAST!!


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